Deutsche Bundesbank

Social media wall of Deutsche Bundesbank updating fresh content from various social channels in an automated fashion

As working life is shifting away from fixed working hours and desks, the latest news and announcements don't reach your employees in the same foreseeable way that they did in the past.

A social media feed with a mix of posts from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media channels updates fresh content to your website, intranet, and digital screen automatically – and encourages your employees to like, comment, and share posts too.

That's precisely what Deutsche Bundesbank, the central bank of Germany, has built with Flockler's self-service platform. With automated feeds, Deutsche Bundesbank has created a social media wall for internal and external audiences to discover the latest news on monetary policy, people behind the scenes, and career opportunities.

In addition to a social media wall for your homepage, Flockler is a perfect platform for event marketing. At the Euro20+ event, 200 young people discuss the future of Europe, digitalisation, economic challenges, and sustainability issues. The most relevant posts mentioning the event hashtag will be featured on the event page in a carousel format.

A carousel of social media content on Deutsche Bundesbank event page

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