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Use-case: Website, Social Proof

German precision meets Italian passion. Etrusco campervans and motorhomes are the embodiment of dolce vita at an affordable price.

Be it a day trip or a tour across Europe: With one of these RVs, the next adventure is right around the corner. It's the urge for freedom and self-determination that drives potential buyers.

Etrusco's website is happy to capitalize on that notion, putting emotions front and center.

The brand's ambition is not only conveyed through its premium photography but through true-to-life snapshots by enthusiastic customers as well. Thanks to user-generated content, it's easy for visitors to envision how their life would look like if they were to own one of these beauties. On top of that, they are reassured by real people that the products indeed deliver on their promise.

Etrusco using Flockler to embed social media feeds

To bring this vision to life, proper implementation is key. Say no more! With Flockler, Etrusco found a flexible —and, most importantly, aesthetically pleasing!— solution for integrating social media posts into their website.

How Etrusco uses Flockler

For a post to appear on the website (after a brief manual check), all you have to do is add the hashtag #etruscomoments to your Instagram post. It couldn't be any easier, really. Influencer collaborations and posts without the hashtag can also be featured: Content can be added manually with just a few clicks.

The tool is embedded using a carousel layout, set up in a way that seamlessly blends into the website's design language – regardless of screen size.

It's a recipe for success. Not only do the displayed posts elevate the Etrusco brand using social proof, their creators also get to enjoy a boost in views and likes. This strengthens their bond and fosters a community of like-minded people.

So, where are you heading for your next road trip? With Etrusco, all routes are open to you – and the same goes for Flockler, as our level of customization remains unmatched.

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