Show a dynamic LinkedIn feed on your website

Maximize your reach by automatically reposting your LinkedIn Page content on websites and other digital services. Combine with other social media channels to increase time spent on the site, build engagement, and generate leads.

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Example of a linkedin feed
Harvard University

Automatically republish your company LinkedIn Page posts on any digital service

Connect your LinkedIn account to choose a Page you’d like to embed on your website.

Add multiple LinkedIn Pages and your branded accounts from other social media channels. With Flockler, you can show them all in one place!

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Grid of posts on a tablet device

Add LinkedIn feeds to any website, intranet, and digital screen.

Create a LinkedIn feed with a custom design to match your brand’s look & feel. Unlimited Social Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows guarantee that each website, page, and digital screen can show a tailored mix of social media feeds. With all Flockler subscriptions, you can embed LinkedIn and other social media feeds on unlimited websites and digital services.

The Social Wall is the right choice if you are looking to combine multiple channels in one place.
Example of the Wall layout
Example of the Grid layout
Example of the Carousel layout
Example of the Slideshow layout

Why should your company embed LinkedIn feeds on websites?

Increase visibility and reach

An auto-updating LinkedIn carousel on a company homepage keeps visitors engaged with your website longer and maximizes the reach of your high-quality content. Build engagement and grow followers.

Build engagement and grow followers

Encourage website visitors and employees to visit your latest posts, like and leave comments, and follow your LinkedIn Page.The higher the engagement, the more leads are generated for the sales team.

Social proof drives sales

In addition to showing your LinkedIn Page content, you can add posts from employees, partners, and customers to show social proof and drive sales. From LinkedIn, you can embed most public posts and show them together with your Page feed and user-generated content on other social media channels.

What you get with all Flockler subscriptions

Unlimited Walls and Views

No limit on the number of Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows you create with us.

Responsive design

Desktop or mobile, Flockler’s layout is optimised for the screen size automatically.


Show automatically and hide posts if needed. Or save posts for approval before they go live.

Live support

Get in touch with us and get fast help via live chat and email.

GDPR proof

We don’t store any identifiable information from your visitors. DPA available.

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