Flockler is the best Onstipe alternative for social media aggregation

A social media feed for websites and any digital service

Are you looking for an alternative to Onstipe?

Here are the top six reasons why companies choose Flockler over Onstipe:

  1. Unlimited layouts and screens

  2. Moderate UGC once and show it anywhere

  3. Change sources any time – without losing the content

  4. Unlimited page views and posts

  5. Multiple payment methods and yearly plans

  6. Filtered views for topic and product pages

1. Unlimited layouts and screens

👎 Onstipe limits the number of layouts and screens.

With Flockler, companies create unlimited Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows.

Imagine you have an Instagram carousel on the homepage and an Instagram gallery on a subpage. Perhaps you have digital screens at the office, shop, and events. Of course, you might have internal tools and mobile apps, too.

Each needs a unique layout that matches the branding and fits the purpose.

Many companies have multiple products and brands – and again, you will need another set of layouts.

Oh, and how about language versions.

I’m sure you are getting my point – you don’t want a tool that limits the number of layouts.

A slideshow layout for digital screens
A slideshow for social media feeds is the perfect choice for digital screens. With Flockler, the same feed can be displayed in a wall, grid, or carousel on websites and mobile apps – without paying anything extra.

2. Moderate UGC once and show it anywhere

👎 If you need multiple layouts for your hashtag feed, Onstipe forces you to moderate the same content all over again.

With Flockler, you categorise and moderate content sources first – and then, you can display curated UGC feeds anywhere with unlimited layouts.

If you are running a hashtag campaign, the chances are that you’d like to display it in multiple layouts and digital services. If you want to do that on Onstipe, you will need to moderate the hashtag feed multiplied by the number of layouts. That is insane.

Ekoi is one of the many Flockler customers showing an Instagram hashtag carousel on the homepage.

An Instagram hashtag feed on a webshop

And an Instagram gallery on a subpage.

A social wall for Instagram hashtag feeds

Check seven user-generated content campaign examples for more inspiration on how others show consumer-generated content.

3. Change sources any time – without losing the content

👎 Onstipe makes you pay to keep your old hashtag campaigns and event feeds live.

Flockler allows you to change content sources at any time – without losing the content.

Most Flockler customers run many hashtag campaigns and events over the year. When their event is over, they like to keep the content on the event page but no longer need to update new content.

That’s when pausing auto-updating sources comes in handy. On Flockler, you can pause your content source any time, keep the content live on the page, and use the source for another purpose.


Universities have welcoming days, giving days, graduation ceremonies, and sports events throughout the calendar year. With Flockler, they can use one subscription plan to cover all events, and they only pay for the auto-updating content sources.

A social media wall for a university

Even if you pause a source on Onstipe, you still keep paying for it.

4. Unlimited page views and posts

👎 Onstipe limits the number of page views and posts.

Flockler has no page view limit, and we would never delete your posts.

At Flockler, we are rooting for your success. The more page views you get and the more campaigns you create, the better. Nothing would be worse and more embarrassing than your screens shutting down due to the page view limit or customer-generated content disappearing due to the post amount limit. You work hard for the results – we will put in our best effort, too.

5. Multiple payment methods and yearly plans

👎 Onstipe only accepts monthly and quarterly credit card payments.

With Flockler, you choose credit card payments or bank transfers and a monthly or yearly plan.

Many customers don’t have credit cards widely available, and they might prefer the yearly cycle for budgeting reasons, too. A 15% yearly discount by Flockler doesn’t hurt either.

6. Filtered views for topic and product pages

👎 Onstipe doesn’t support topic and product filtering.

With Flockler, brands gather content and then create Walls, Grids, and Carousels filtered by a topic and product.

Do you use hashtags in your posts?

Most companies do.

When you gather your company posts, say from an Instagram account to Flockler, we store all hashtags mentioned in your posts. With Flockler’s smart tag-filtering, you can create a layout that shows all posts and other layouts showing a filtered view.


If you are working for a travel destination, you might filter Instagram images by any attraction.

If you are a marketer for a sports club, you might filter content per match’s hashtag.

If you have a webshop, you can filter posts by product name and category.

In addition to tag-filtering, Flockler can help you make your social media feeds shoppable. Online shops can integrate products into Flockler, tag them to social media posts, and then embed shoppable social galleries on any page.

Sohome’s shoppable Instagram feed is a fantastic example.

A shoppable Instagram feed for eCommerce page

When you click any of the images on the 'Shop the look' carousel, a relevant product appears.

An Instagram post with a tagged product

And because Flockler allows you to create unlimited layouts, webshops add filtered views to product pages.

How to show social media feeds with unlimited layouts

An Instagram feed example

Adding social media feeds to any website takes a couple of minutes. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Add social media sources to Flockler
  2. Select how to display
  3. Embed social feeds on any digital service

1. Add social media sources to Flockler

The first step is to add sources like Instagram hashtag mentions, X (formerly Twitter) accounts, and Facebook Pages. With Flockler, you can mix content from multiple sources.

Choosing content sources on the Flockler app

Here’s a one-minute video on how to create an Instagram account feed:

2. Select how to display

After adding one or multiple sources to Flockler, it’s time to pick one of the layouts. You can create unlimited layouts and show them on all digital services.

Display layout options on the Flockler app

Click 'Edit style and settings' to change the look & feel; hide elements, change colours, choose a language, etc.

A social media feed embed code example

3. Embed social feeds on any digital service

The last step is to embed your social feed on any digital service. Here’s an example by the New Zealand Cricket team:

Social wall for the New Zealand Cricket team

You can add Flockler to any website and digital service. Here are instructions for the most common website and webshop builders:


If you need any help with Flockler’s layouts, don’t hesitate to send us a message via live chat, and our customer success team will help you out.

With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

Flockler helps marketers like you to create social media feeds and display user-generated content on any digital service. Keep your audience engaged and drive sales.

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