Flockler is the best Walls.io alternative for social media walls

An example of a social wall for websites

Are you looking for an alternative to Walls.io?

Here are six reasons why brands choose Flockler over Walls.io:

  1. Unlimited number of walls

  2. Multiple hashtag campaigns and events for the same fee

  3. Unlimited number of posts

  4. Manage multiple organisations with one account

  5. Full support via email, live chat, and phone

  6. Lower costs and the best value for money

1. Unlimited number of walls

👎 Walls.io limits the number of walls.

With Flockler, you can create as many Social Walls, Grids, Carousels, and Slideshows as you like. For each website, app, digital display, or even page, you can create a custom layout. For example, a carousel is an excellent option for the homepage, whereas the wall looks great on a dedicated landing page.

Also, you can categorise your content in Sections and then show a filtered view of the content on a specific landing page. So, for example, the corporate website homepage might show posts from all organisations and those posts are then filtered to separate landing pages per organisation.

Or you might want to use the hashtags your marketing team mentions on social media posts and show a hashtag filtered view of content on specific landing pages.

GoPro’s #GoProAwards page is a perfect example with a hashtag-filtered wall per campaign. And as well as creating a wall showing their Instagram account feed, GoPro can show a hashtag filtered view on each campaign page.

GoPro Awards page and a social wall

Is your service in multiple languages? No problem – you can create layouts for each language without paying anything extra.

2. Multiple hashtag campaigns and events for the same fee

👎 Walls.io doesn’t allow you to change your feeds without losing the content.

With Flockler, you only pay for the active social media sources. By default, Flockler keeps updating fresh content every 5-15 minutes. When the campaign or event is over, you can pause the source and keep the content displayed on your website. After pausing, you can gather content with new sources and show them separately.

If you are looking to create multiple hashtag campaigns over the year or set up social media walls for events, this feature is something you really want your social walls tool to have. Flockler allows you to keep displaying user-generated content campaigns and event content from the past, and you can create an unlimited number of new campaigns for the same fee.

Check our tutorial video on how the Flockler pricing works.

3. Unlimited number of posts

👎 Walls.io limits the number of posts.

Wouldn’t you be unhappy to see some of your past campaigns and content disappear? I bet you would.

Flockler doesn’t limit the number of posts you gather in user-generated content campaigns over time. The more successful your campaigns, the happier we are!

4. Manage multiple organisations with one account

👎 You need to create several Walls.io accounts to manage multiple organisations.

With Flockler, you can manage multiple organisations using one account. For example, you can use Sections to categorize the content per organisation or manage multiple Flocklers with a single user account.

5. Full support via email, live chat, and phone

👎 Walls.io limits support availability based on your subscription fee.

With Flockler, all of our clients have access to email, live chat, and phone support. So whether you are on a free trial, a small business, or a global brand, Flockler’s world-class support team will be there for you.

6. Lower costs and the best value for money

👎 Walls.io starting price is four times higher.

If we ignore the ad-supported version, Walls.io costs 4x more just to get started. In addition to the restricted number of walls and the other limitations discussed earlier, their cheapest option doesn’t come with CTAs, custom posts, API access, many other social wall features that you’d expect to have.

How to create a social wall for any website and event

A social wall on the Georgia Power’s website

With Flockler, creating a social wall takes a couple of minutes. Here’s a 3-step guide:

  1. Add account, page, and hashtag sources
  2. Select the layout
  3. Embed anywhere

1. Add account, page, and hashtag sources

The first step is to add sources from various social media channels. For example, add a hashtag feed from Instagram and Facebook Page posts. You can mix content from multiple channels – here’s the full list of social media channels and sources.

Choosing content sources on the Flockler app

In the video below, we show how to set up an Instagram hashtag feed:

2. Select the layout

After adding one or multiple sources, the next step is to choose your layout. Again, you can create as many as you like.

Flockler social wall layout options

After selecting the layout, you’ll get an embed code for your website and a URL to display Flockler on a digital screen.

You can have a custom look & feel, too. For inspiration, check 10 examples of a social media wall.

3. Embed anywhere

The last step is to embed display on your websites, apps, and digital screens.

An example of a social media wall

You can show Flockler anywhere, but here are step-by-step tutorials for some of the most common website builders and e-commerce platforms:


With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

Flockler helps marketers like you to create social media feeds and display user-generated content on any digital service. Keep your audience engaged and drive sales.

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