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Higher education marketing case study from Rhodes Trust

Established in 1903, the Rhodes Trust offers the Rhodes Scholarships, one of the oldest and most prestigious international scholarship programs. It brings talented students worldwide to study at the University of Oxford.

The Trust focuses on identifying and nurturing future leaders dedicated to making a global impact. Their 125th Anniversary Strategic Plan aims to expand scholarships, enhance scholar experiences, and foster lifelong community among alumni. Their mission is to build a better world through compassionate and innovative leadership.

An example how the Rhodes Trust uses a social wall for better higher education marketing

The Rhodes Trust and Flockler

The Rhodes Trust uses Flockler, a tool that gathers social media posts from different platforms and displays them on its website. This helps keep their site exciting and up-to-date with fresh social media content.


  1. Showing the Latest Content: The Rhodes Trust uses Flockler to show live social media posts on their website. This makes the website lively and keeps visitors interested by showing updates about the Trust's activities, scholarly achievements, and important events.

  2. Engaging Visitors: The live social media feeds keep visitors on the site longer. Posts like scholar stories, event highlights, and announcements are shown in a custom-designed and branded layout, making their content and website more engaging.

  3. Building Community: By featuring posts from scholars and alumni, Flockler helps the Rhodes Trust build a sense of community. This makes the Trust more relatable and inspiring to prospective students and supporters by sharing real experiences.

  4. User-Friendly: Flockler is easy to use, allowing the Trust’s marketing team to show and manage social media feeds without needing to have technical skills. This flexibility means they can quickly update the site with new content, keeping their digital presence fresh and relevant.


An example of higher education social media marketing from the Rhodes Trust

Using Flockler, the Rhodes Trust has improved its online presence and engagement. Flockler creates a vibrant and interactive experience for website visitors. Supporting their vision of a global community of leaders dedicated to making a positive difference.

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