How do I set up a custom domain for my site?

Please note: For Flockler social website customers only. Customers using WordPress plugin, Embed or API will set up the URL on their own environment outside Flockler. Please ask your technical team for more information.

Your Flockler site comes with an address like You can use a custom domain name instead by registering a domain through a domain name registrar of your choosing.

  1. Choose a registrar to find and buy a domain name that's available. This usually costs about $10-$40 per year. We recommend Hover.
  2. Create a DNS record based on how many levels your custom domain contains.
  3. Domain Configuration:
    • Two Levels: (e.g. point A-record (IP address) to
    • Three or More Levels: (e.g.,, or point CNAME record to ""

Your registrar should have instructions on how to implement the proper CNAME or A-record.

Once you have your domain name and want to change the URL, follow these steps:

  1. Ask your IT / domain management to complete domain configuration (see above). As a result the URL will first direct to Flockler’s 'whoops page' until the rest of the setup is completed.
  2. Login to Flockler and click Settings.
  3. Tick the "I have read the instructions..." checkbox.
  4. Add your custom domain in the "Custom domain for this site" field when you want the URL to be changed.
  5. Click Save changes to complete the setup.

When you make a DNS change, it takes time for the changes to take effect. We suggest waiting up to 24 hours for the DNS cache to be fully refreshed.

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