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Integrate all the social media content

Maximise the reach of your social media content by installing Flockler's social network widget.

Instantly integrate all the content on your social channels with the existing editorial content on your website, to create a truly social experience for your prospects.

Join many top brands, including Jumeirah, Expedia and Penguin Random House, who are already using Flockler's social network widget to create engaging experiences for their users.

Customize your feed

Flockler's social network widget automatically creates a layout that is optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop users.

The platform enables you to create your own engaging editorial content and publish it alongside content created on social by you, your employees and your customers.

Manually curate content from social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube or set up rules to gather and publish content automatically.

6 reasons to use Flockler's social network widget for your website

Simple and easy

It's simple and easy to use and can be up and running within a day.

Developed mobile first

Flockler's responsively designed platform automatically optimises the content for any device a user is viewing it on.

Increases conversion

The social media widget streamlines the user experience to increase conversation rates of the content.

Users can participate

Flockler's technology enables editorial teams to curate content created by customers and other stakeholders, decreasing the costs of content creation.

Analyze performance

Use Flockler's dashboard to see which content is performing better on social channels and identify who your brand fans and ambassadors are.

Full SaaS

The full SaaS solution provided by Flockler enables our customers to decrease their technology costs and increase marketing spend.

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