How To Add An Instagram Feed To A Klaviyo Email Newsletter


In recent years, Instagram has quickly become a vital marketing channel for e-commerce. Many consumer brands are active on Instagram – they use the platform to share the latest news about their products, offer enticing discounts, and even run engaging contests. What’s more, brands are getting their customers involved by encouraging them to share feedback and reviews with branded hashtags in user-generated content campaigns.

Meanwhile, Klaviyo has captured the hearts of e-commerce businesses and marketers aiming to supercharge their email game and skyrocket online sales. Its extensive toolkit for crafting tailored email campaigns is like the secret ingredient that turns ordinary emails into treasured messages that resonate with your subscribers. 

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And here’s the exciting part: Many brands are embracing the idea of adding Instagram feeds to their Klaviyo email newsletters. It’s all about going the extra mile to foster a deeper connection with customers. Integrating a captivating Instagram feed into your Klaviyo email amplifies click-through rates, adds social proof, and guides traffic to your Instagram channel all in one go.

Using Flockler, you can easily collect your top branded and user-generated content from Instagram and effortlessly embed an Instagram feed in email newsletters within minutes. No need for coding skills, and you are in complete control over what appears in your emails. 

Why do brands add Instagram feeds to Klaviyo email campaigns?

  1. Enhance visual engagement
  2. Add social proof with UGC
  3. Increase click-through rates
  4. Boost conversions

1. Enhance visual engagement

By integrating dynamic Instagram content into emails, brands grab readers’ interest with vibrant photos and videos that naturally spark curiosity, leading to more interaction with what’s in your email. encouraging deeper engagement. This addition brings a lively touch to email campaigns, making them more exciting and effective in sharing messages, deals, and the brand’s unique story.

The integration of Instagram into Klaviyo emails breaks the monotony of traditional text-heavy emails and provides a fresh and engaging visual experience that personally connects with subscribers.

For more inspiration, take a look at these email marketing best practices that your brand might find valuable.

2. Add social proof with UGC

When brands feature Instagram feeds in emails, they tap into authentic, relatable consumer-generated content. This enhances the brand’s image and deeply resonates with email readers. Imagine this: when people see others enjoying a product or endorsing a brand, it builds trust. It’s a genuine endorsement that says, "This brand is trusted and liked!" This is social proof - in simple terms, when people see others supporting something, it encourages them to take action – purchasing, signing up for an event, or exploring more about the brand.

Worktop Express, a popular online shop for solid wood worktops, shows social proof in their emails and website.

3. Increase click-through rates

When someone comes across an intriguing product, a user-generated post, or a behind-the-scenes glimpse in your email, their curiosity is naturally stirred. This interest encourages clicks to discover more, leading them to your website, Instagram, or wherever you’ve directed.

When your recipients start clicking around, it shows genuine engagement. They’re not just skimming; they’re diving in eagerly. This signals your email content has truly resonated, sparking their desire to delve deeper and learn about your brand.


4. Boost conversion

Integrating genuine Instagram content into your emails goes beyond sharing images – it sparks inspiration. These visuals showcase products in real scenarios, share authentic customer experiences, and display user-generated content, reflecting authentic brand enthusiasm. As readers see this engagement, it builds relatability and trust, encouraging them to take action - clicking on "Shop Now" or exploring your brand further. 

Roses, an online clothing store, uses Flockler, to gather and display genuine user content on their webpage and emails.

3 steps to add an Instagram feed to Klaviyo emails:

Here’s a three-step guide on how to embed an Instagram feed in Klaviyo email newsletters:

  1. Gather Instagram images, videos, Reels, and Stories
  2. Choose a layout for your Instagram email block
  3. Add an Instagram feed to your Klaviyo email newsletter

1. Gather Instagram images, videos, Reels, and Stories

Begin by signing up for a free account with Flockler. During our trial period, you’ll have full access to the entire product for 14 days – no obligations and no need for credit card information initially. 

Once your account is set up, our platform will guide you in creating an auto-updating Instagram feed. With Flockler, you can collect a range of Instagram content, such as photos, videos, Reels, and Stories from any account, mentions of your Business account, and hashtag feeds. 


Besides Instagram feeds, you can include content from various social media platforms, showing all content in one place. Check out the list of supported social media feeds and content sources

2. Choose a layout for your Instagram email block

Next, navigate to the 'Display' tab and find the 'Create a new layout' button. From there, click the 'I want to embed Flockler in an email newsletter' link below the website layouts.


Then, an editor will pop up, offering you a selection of four layouts: 3x1, 2x2, 3x2, and 3x3.


Once you’ve picked your preferred layout, add Instagram images and videos to your block. You can easily rearrange the sequence of Instagram posts using the drag 'n' drop feature. 


When satisfied with the outcome, hit the 'Generate' button. This will provide you with an embed code for a personalized Instagram block to be used in your email newsletter.


3. Add an Instagram feed to your Klaviyo email newsletter

Here’s how to add an Instagram block to Klaviyo emails:

  1. Sign in to your Klaviyo account and open the email content editor. Insert a text block into the content section.
  2. Clear out the initial text and tap the 'HTML editor' icon.
  3. Copy and paste the Instagram block code from Flockler into the designated area.
  4. Click 'Done,' and the Flockler layout will emerge.
  5. Save your changes, and voilà, your Klaviyo email newsletter is now enriched with a stunning and interactive Instagram block.

If you use a different email marketing platform and need assistance embedding an Instagram feed, don’t hesitate to contact us through our live chat. We’re here to help!


With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

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