5 Best Instagram Feeds on Websites

One of the best Instagram feeds displayed on laptop, tablet, and mobile device

Are you looking for inspiration for your Instagram marketing?

There are more than 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram. To stand out from the crowd, it makes sense to take a look at what organisations with the best Instagram feeds are doing right and what your organisation can learn from them.

Coming up with a unique style and theme for your Instagram feed is definitely one of the success factors inside the Instagram app. A carefully designed and consistent look & feel matters – users decide if they’ll follow your account when looking at your profile page.

But there’s at least one other thing in common that all successful brands share: they don't only create content to be successful on Instagram. Those who get it right seamlessly connect content creation, social media, and customer experience across all digital services. 

The best marketing teams maximise the value of the content created by displaying Instagram feeds on websites and other digital services.

By doing that, they seek to increase the time spent on their services. A fresh feed of images and videos embedded on the website gives visitors a good reason to keep browsing and learn more about products and services. With some planning and help from Flockler, you can display a filtered view of your Instagram feed on a specific page - based on the tags your social media team is already adding to images.

Also, an Instagram feed on a website drives traffic to brands’ Instagram channels and helps grow the number of followers and build engagement. Sometimes I hear clients saying that they don’t want to direct customers away from their services. In reality, the buying and decision-making experience isn’t linear, and the more touchpoints you can build with prospective customers, the higher are the chances will be of future conversions too.

In addition to the content they create and share on their channels, the most innovative brands ask their customers and partners to publish images with a branded hashtag. User-generated content campaigns increase the reach and awareness on social media channels and help any organisation to fight declining organic reach on social media.

Testimonials have long been used as social proof on websites. They are still relevant today but an authentic feed of Instagram images tells more than a thousand words.

Do you already display Instagram feeds on your digital services?

For inspiration, here are the 5 best Instagram feeds on websites:


If you’ve been to any marketing conferences lately, I’m sure you’ve heard GoPro's name mentioned as one of the most innovative brands in marketing. And GoPro’s Instagram feed doesn’t leave anyone cold.

Instagram feed by GoPro on laptop, tablet, and mobile

With Flockler's platform, GoPro displays a curated Instagram feed of GoPro Awards images. The beautiful social media wall highlights some of the best images and videos captured by their customers and influencers.

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises organises cruise trips to some of the most beautiful locations in the world, so their Instagram feed isn’t short of stunning images.

Instagram feed by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

On their website, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises curates an Instagram feed from their own channels and customers' social media. Adding social proof to the website makes it more likely for visitors to convert to customers.

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Bruno Mars

The music industry is among the most active groups on Instagram. For Bruno Mars, with tens of millions of followers, the Instagram feed gives a chance to build connection and engagement with fans. It gives fans a taste of artist life.

Instagram feed by Bruno Mars

Feyenoord Rotterdam

Sports brings people in countries, cities, and even different nationalities together. Feyenoord Rotterdam, one of the best football teams in the Dutch Premier League, has a large and enthusiastic follower base on social media channels.

Instagram feed by Feyenoord Rotterdam

The Instagram feed on their homepage tells the story of togetherness – the dark-themed stream features content created by the marketing team, players, and fans.

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The Louvre and Eiffel Tower, St Tropez and the south coast, the cliffs of Normandy – France is full of breathtaking places to visit. The Instagram feed of France.fr highlights the must-see, can’t-miss, once-in-a-lifetime experiences in France.

Instagram feed by France.fr

But creating Instagram feeds together with others is much more fun. On their website, France.fr, destination marketers, hotels, tour operators, and other travel organisers are invited to share their images with a branded Instagram hashtag. The result is a curated and stunning Instagram feed. A one-way ticket to Paris, please!

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How to display Instagram feeds on a website?

With social media aggregators like Flockler, it’s easy to display a brand’s Instagram feed or hashtag feed on any website and digital service. After signing up for your free trial account, you can create feeds gathering content by any Instagram Business account or public images and mentions of a branded hashtag.


In addition to Instagram feeds, you can add content from Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, Pinterest, and more. Here’s the list of supported social media channels and content types.

Instagram feed layouts

Instagram feed layouts

After creating your organisation’s feed, you can add your Instagram images and videos to any digital service. Flockler provides four layouts (Grid, Carousel, Wall, and Slideshow), and you can use all of them without any restrictions on the number of pages or services. Most of our clients add Instagram feeds to their website, mobile app, intranet, and digital screens.

The Grid layout shows all the content in square format, and it resembles your Instagram profile’s look & feel. It’s the most logical choice for Instagram feeds. Here’s an example of an Instagram feed by Campari:

An Instagram feed by Campari

The Carousel layout is another fantastic option with the Instagram feed displayed in the square image format, but the carousel takes less space on your website than the grid layout. Your visitors can scroll the content to the right and left, and the carousel is the perfect choice for your homepage. Here’s an example of the carousel layout for Instagram feed by Duncan Hamilton ROFGO:

Instagram feed by Duncan Hamilton ROFGO

Sometimes brands like to display the caption texts of the images, and the Wall layout is the best option for this. Each client can add their brand's colours and fonts to the wall, ensuring that it fits the service’s look & feel. Here’s an example by New Zealand’s national cricket team:

A social wall on a website

For digital screens at the lobby or in an event, the Slideshow layout, which rotates your Instagram feed images, catches the eye of visitors. The Slideshow layout and colours are fully customizable to fit with your brand guidelines. Here’s an example by Silicon Valley Bank:

An Instagram feed of Silicon Valley Bank on a digital screen


With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

Flockler helps marketers like you to create social media feeds and display user-generated content on any digital service. Keep your audience engaged and drive sales.

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