How to embed a social media feed on BigCommerce

An Instagram feed on a BigCommerce shop

BigCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, and social media feeds from Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. show social proof and drive conversions on any e-commerce site.

Here’s a three-step guide on how to embed a social media feed on BigCommerce:

  1. Set up auto-updating social media feeds
  2. Choose a social feed layout
  3. Embed on any BigCommerce page

1. Set up auto-updating social media feeds

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The first step is to set up auto-updating social media feeds from Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. – you can show all channels in one place or categorise them to display some or all of the channels separately.

Choosing a social media content source on the Flockler app

Here’s a detailed list of supported social media channels and content sources you can add to your Flockler.

2. Choose a social feed layout

Step 2 is to choose a layout from four options: Wall, Grid, Carousel, and Slideshow.

Flockler app’s social media feed layout options

You can create as many of them as you like. And without any coding skills, you can add custom branding to your social media feed layouts.

3. Embed on any BigCommerce page

There are two ways to embed social media feeds on a BigCommerce page. The easiest option is to use the Page Builder, which allows BigCommerce store owners to edit their site with a drag-and-drop visual editing tool. But some BigCommerce shops might have been customized further, and editing 'Theme Files' is the right option. Please consult your BigCommerce site developer if you are unsure about the correct method.

Embedding social media feeds via BigCommerce Page Builder

Embedding Instagram feeds and other social media channels is easy with the BigCommerce Page Builder.

Log in to your BigCommerce account and click 'Storefront' in the navigation. Then click 'Customize' for the theme you’d like to edit.

Customizing BigCommerce theme

On the left, find the HTML button and drag n drop it into your template.

Adding a HTML element to BigCommerce

An editor opens on the left with an example text. Remove the text and replace it with Flockler’s embed code.

Editing HTML element on BigCommerce
Saving the HTML element changes on BigCommerce

Then click 'Save HTML' and finish the installation by clicking 'Publish' on the top left of the editor. Now the fabulous social media feed shows up on your shop!

Social media feed on BigCommerce

Embedding social media feeds via BigCommerce Theme Files

If your BigCommerce shop has been customized, editing 'Theme Files' might be the right option. Before editing the theme, you’ll need to create a copy of the current theme.

Making a copy of the BigCommerce theme

Then, click to 'Edit Theme Files'.

Editing Theme Files on BigCommerce

On the left, choose 'Templates' and then scroll down to a page template that you’d like to edit. In this example, we’ll choose the home.html and add Flockler within the container, including other page elements.

Choose templates on BigCommerce Theme Files
Adding a script code to home.html on the BigCommerce editor

Then, save 'Theme Files' to apply changes to your template.

The final step is to go back to the Storefront page and click 'Apply' to publish changes to your live BigCommerce shop.

Applying changes to the BigCommerce shop

That’s it – a beautiful social media feed is embedded on your BigCommerce site.

Why should you embed social media feeds on BigCommerce?

Here are three examples from webshops showing social media feeds and the key reasons why they are doing it.

Increase time spent on webshop

An interactive social media feed shows your latest images and videos without any manual effort. Your social media marketing team is working hard to show all the latest news, product launches, offers, etc. to new and existing customers, and the same social feed can power your page with a few lines of code.

Ekoi’s Instagram gallery, with a mix of branded content and hashtag mentions from customers and partners, is a great example. The carousel is embedded on a homepage and product pages to bring live social media feeds to the e-commerce site.

Social media feed embedded on Ekoi’s webshop

Show social proof from customers

Social proof on a webshop helps convince website visitors and increase sales. Create a branded hashtag campaign to gather customer feedback and reviews asking customers to share how they enjoy using your products and services. Alternatively, you can gather customer reviews and testimonials with a form on your website or ask to leave a review on Google. All that social proof you can bring together and show in one place.

Romantik Hotels' hashtag campaign on the homepage is a fantastic example. Their happy customers genuinely help others decide and book their stays.


Make Instagram feeds shoppable

Combining customer-generated content with your products is the ultimate way of showing social proof. By making your social media feeds shoppable, your website visitors get direct access from an inspirational customer review to the product page.

Sohome’s 'Shop the look' carousel is a perfect example of how social proof drives customers to the purchase page.

A shoppable Instagram feed on webshop

When a customer clicks one of the images, a popup with more information and a 'Buy button' comes up. What would be a more powerful way of driving sales?

An Instagram post with a product link

With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

Flockler helps marketers like you to create social media feeds and display user-generated content on any digital service. Keep your audience engaged and drive sales.

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