How to collect & show customer testimonials on any website

Are you looking to show testimonials on your website? With Flockler, you can request testimonials on websites, email, and social media. In a few minutes, you can start collecting star ratings, text and, images from happy customers - and on your website you can combine them with social media posts from Instagram, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, and more.

Customer testimonials on a website

Testimonials have always been part of the marketing mix. Since the first newspapers and magazines were published, marketers quickly learned to add influential people to their advertising copy. Today, you probably find the most powerful influencers and testimonials on TikTok and Instagram, and marketers love showing social proof on their websites and apps too.

Typical customer testimonial examples include quotes, case studies, and hashtag feeds. People trust peer recommendations more than brand advertising, and social proof on a website drives sales like no other marketing tactic.

Getting testimonials doesn’t need to be complicated - with the right tools, you can start collecting testimonials in a couple of minutes and without developer know-how.

Start collecting and showing testimonials today

Here’s a four-step guide on how to collect and show testimonials on any website:

  1. Create a testimonial submission form
  2. Request testimonials from happy customers
  3. Moderate testimonial submissions
  4. Embed testimonials on any website

1. Create a testimonial submission form

Start by logging in to your Flockler account and click the 'Reviews' tab in the navigation. Then, give a name to your form (e.g. 'testimonials') and hit the 'Create your first form' button.

Creating your first form to gather testimonials and reviews

Here, you’ll find an embeddable form that you can edit. Now, click tickboxes on the left to hide any elements and the settings icon to customize each field in detail.

Editing the review form fields on the Flockler app

You might not need many changes to the default submission form but pay extra attention to the 'terms and conditions' field and its settings. Typically, brands should ask for users’ consent in publishing testimonials on websites and social media, and a link to your terms & conditions page is highly recommended.

Once you’ve completed the setup, you will receive an embed code for the submission form. Just like embedding a YouTube video, you can add the form to any page - and the embed code shows the form without coding skills.

A review form embed code for any website and app

Here’s an example of how the upload form might look on your website.

An upload form example for customer testimonials

At the start of the page, we recommend adding some copy that motivates customers to share their stories with you. You can also set expectations and say what type of content you are looking to collect. Trust me: clear guidelines will increase the number of submissions.

2. Request testimonials from happy customers

Next, share the form with your happy customers and start requesting testimonials. Contact some of your best advocates first. Then, add a link to your email signatures - and if you have a customer newsletter, make sure to add a CTA like 'Show us how you use our services'. Also, you might ask for feedback on social media and the website’s live chat. Finally, if you have a brick-and-mortar shop, stick a QR code next to a card machine – anywhere you can imagine!

Customer testimonial request with a QR code

In addition to the submission form, you can gather brand and hashtag mentions from Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), TikTok, and more. With Flockler’s automation, you will never miss brand mentions on social, and you can show all channels in one place. See the list of supported social media channels and content types.

3. Moderate testimonial submissions

Soon you will receive the exciting notification in your inbox. It’s time to open Flockler and moderate the user-generated content from happy customers.

You get two moderation options: you can either save all submissions in Flockler’s Inbox and review testimonials before displaying them on your website and apps. Or show all testimonials on your website automatically and hide any unwanted ones later.

Choosing the moderation option for the customer testimonials form

When creating the submission form, you can select the moderation setting and change it at any time later, too!

4. Embed testimonials on any website and digital service

The last step is to embed testimonials on any website and digital service. Navigate to Flockler’s 'Display' tab and choose a Wall, Grid, Carousel, or Slideshow layout.

Flockler app’s display layout options for customer testimonials

You can create as many as you like, and there are no page view limits. The more people see your happy customers, the more sales you make. We would never punish you for that!

An example of customer testimonials in a carousel

Click the 'Edit style & settings' link to customize the look & feel of each layout. Without coding skills, you can change the layout's colours, look & feel of the layout.

An embed code showing customer testimonials for any website

And if you need anything special, just send us a message, and we’ll help you.

That’s how straightforward it is to start gathering testimonials and social proof for any business.

With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

Flockler helps marketers like you to create social media feeds and display user-generated content on any digital service. Keep your audience engaged and drive sales.

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