How to embed an RSS feed on any website

An example of an RSS feed embed for a website

Are you looking to display RSS feeds on a website, mobile app, intranet, or digital screens? In this article, you will learn how to use a social media aggregator to gather, categorise, and integrate RSS feeds into websites and other digital services.

Why do brands add RSS feeds to websites?

Often, organisations manage multiple websites where they publish news and blog posts. For example, they might have multiple brands or otherwise separate services with a unique URL and news section, and it’s not uncommon for company blog posts to be published on a subdomain.

But on a corporate website, brands want to show all the latest news from various websites in one place.

Or even if your organisation doesn't have multiple websites, you might still want to display the latest news in your intranet for employees - or on digital screens at the office.

Making up-to-date information accessible for all parts of your organisation in real-time and in multiple touchpoints and digital services is critical in today’s hectic business environment. Especially with remote working becoming increasingly popular and the growing number of digital tools, brands need to invest in solutions that help them aggregate news feeds and display them across multiple services.

That’s where the RSS feed embed and news aggregation tool comes in handy. Instead of asking your website developers or digital signage providers to do their magic and maintain their custom solutions over time, you can embed social media and RSS feeds on any website and digital service with an all-in-one news aggregation tool.

Embed RSS feed on any website

With Flockler, it’s easy to create an RSS feed widget and then add RSS feeds to your WordPress website, Squarespace, Wix, any other HTML page and digital platforrm.

Here’s a three-step guide on how to embed RSS feeds on any website:

  1. Aggregate RSS feeds with Flockler
  2. Select the RSS feed layout
  3. Add RSS feed to your website, intranet, and digital screens

1. Aggregate RSS feeds with Flockler

If you haven’t got a Flockler account yet, sign up for a free trial.

After logging in, you can add RSS feeds via the 'Automated Feeds' tab. Start by selecting 'RSS' from the available options.

Selecting RSS as a source on the Flockler platform
On the Flockler app, you can combine content from social media and RSS feeds and display all content feeds in one place.

Then, add the RSS feed URL to Flockler. WordPress and other website builders have RSS available out-of-the-box, but RSS feeds are easy to generate even for a custom-built website. If you don’t know the URL yet, check with your website developer to find the news feed RSS.

Adding the RSS feed URL to Flockler app

If everything’s okay with the RSS feed URL, Flockler provides a preview of your content. If it all looks good, move to the next step.

A preview of the RSS news feed for websites

The final step is to choose if the content will be displayed automatically or if you review and moderate the content before showing the RSS feed on your website. If your organisation is the owner of the RSS feed, you will most likely select 'display automatically'. However, if you happen to gather content from third parties and curate the feed, saving for moderation makes sense. Even if you display automatically, you can always hide unwanted items later.

Moderation options on the Flockler app

2. Select the RSS feed layout

You can add multiple RSS feeds and display them all in one place, but before doing that, let’s select a layout for your RSS feed embed.

Choosing the RSS feed layout on the Flockler app

On Flockler, you can choose a Social Wall, Grid, Carousel, or Slideshow layout. In addition, you can create an unlimited number of layouts and add RSS feeds to websites, apps, and digital signage.

3. Add RSS feed to your website, intranet, and digital screens

The last step is to add your RSS feed to website HTML on WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and to any other digital services.

After selecting the layout, you will get an RSS feed embed code. Next, click 'Edit style & settings' to customize the look & feel of the RSS widget to match your brand. 

An RSS feed embed code example

For digital signage solutions, you can use the Preview URL provided by Flockler and show the news feed with a browser. For a website, copy the code and embed it on any page. Flockler’s embed codes are responsive and automatically fit to the area available. If you happen to have a WordPress site, you can download and use the social media and RSS feed plugin for WordPress.

Here’s an example of Samsung’s RSS feed with the Wall layout:

RSS feed example for Samsung


With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

Flockler helps marketers like you to create social media feeds and display user-generated content on any digital service. Keep your audience engaged and drive sales.

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