Automated feeds to display Facebook content by keyword or hashtag

We recently released search of public Facebook posts by keyword, and now one of the all-time most wanted features is available: set up an automated feed to display public Facebook posts mentioning a specific keyword or hashtag.

In addition, automated feeds now store some of the latest content at the setup of a new feed, saving time from manually selecting the posts at the start.

1) Automated feeds to display Facebook posts mentioning a keyword or hashtag

Click ‘Automated Feeds’ after login and create a new feed. Select Facebook from the list of channels, select "Anyone mentions a keyword", and then type a keyword or hashtag.

Note that Facebook only provides public posts and not the posts shared to “Friends only”.

Continue the setup by selecting section and if you’d like the content to be published automatically or stored to inbox for review.

2) Search public Facebook posts by keyword or hashtag

Searching public Facebook posts works just like any other channel in Flockler Newsroom: click the tile on the left, connect your account, and then search by keyword. Drag & drop content to the right or click “Publish” to display the particular piece of content on your Flockler page.

3) Automatically fetch and display the latest content from a specific channel

Automated feeds now pull in the latest content at the setup of a new feed. For example, you might want to create a page displaying the latest content from Instagram mentioning a specific campaign hashtag. The number of content varies depending on the social media channel of your choice, and you can always decide not to display the history and simply collect the content published in the future.


At Flockler towers we develop new features based on your feedback. The more people request a particular feature, the sooner it will be developed and released. It’s as simple as that. Please do not hesitate to share your feedback and feature requests by hitting the live chat button after login or via email to

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