User-generated content on TikTok: The ultimate guide


Back in the day, TikTok was all about lip-syncing and dance challenges. Today, with over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok has become a massive opportunity for brands and marketers to get their names out there and boost sales.

And what are brands are up to on TikTok? 

They’re collecting all that fantastic user-generated content (UGC) and putting it to work. 

TikTok is all about users creating awesome content featuring products they love from their favourite brands. And you know what? Those brands are loving it too. They use that awesome TikTok UGC in their ads, show it off on their own social media pages, and display it on the website to drive sales.

What is TikTok UGC?

So, imagine this: you’re scrolling through TikTok, and suddenly you see a TikTok user just like you showing off their favourite brand’s stuff. That’s user-generated content right there. You’ll see UGC in action when real people make videos, take photos, write reviews, and share testimonials about the products they love. 

5 types of TikTok UGC

There are different types of UGC that brands use on TikTok to reach their goals, including:

  1. Giveaways
  2. Challenges
  3. Reviews
  4. Duets
  5. Tutorials

1. Giveaways

Creators and brands on TikTok love hosting giveaways for their followers. It’s their way of saying thanks for the support. All you have to do is to hit that like button, tag your friends, and use the branded hashtag – and you could be walking away with some awesome prizes.


2. Challenges

When it comes to TikTok, challenges are where the party’s at. They’re all about users like us creating videos that revolve around a specific theme or idea. It’s like joining a fun trend and letting your creativity flow in the most epic way. You can show your coolest dance moves, lip-sync to your favourite jam, or take on a creative mission.

TikTok challenges can work like magic for your brand. Watch in awe as people go wild for your product and see the massive organic reach it brings. Plus, you’ll gather tons of user-generated content that you can share on your TikTok account and website.

Calvin Klein’s #OnlyInMyCalvins challenge is a super fun way for TikTok users to show their style and confidence while rocking their favourite Calvin Klein outfits. When people participate in the challenge, they create and share videos featuring Calvin Klein products that make them feel fabulous and stylish. 

This results in a ton of genuine content that Calvin Klein uses in their marketing efforts to connect with their audience, bringing their community together in a fun and authentic way.


3. Reviews

On TikTok, people love to share their thoughts and experiences about different products and services. These reviews serve as valuable insights and recommendations for the TikTok community, helping others make informed decisions.

One example of a brand that benefits from user-generated reviews on TikTok is Glossier. TikTok users are passionate about sharing their experiences with Glossier’s skincare and makeup products - from raving about the life-changing effects of the Milky Jelly Cleanser to showcasing their stunning Glossier-inspired makeup looks.


These authentic reviews and recommendations create a sense of trust and community among Glossier fans. It’s like having a virtual beauty squad where everyone shares their favourite products, tips, and tricks.

4. Duets

Duets on TikTok are all about joining the party and jamming with fellow creators. It’s a fantastic way for users to interact with existing videos and create a side-by-side collaboration.

And here’s the juicy part for brands: you can jump on this duet trend. Just reach out to influencers in your niche, ask them to design a duet on TikTok involving your brand, and invite their audience to participate and share their duets on TikTok.


The famous Mexican Grill Chipotle took TikTok by storm with their #ChipotleLidFlip duet challenge. They asked users to show off their lid-flipping skills with creative moves and tricks. TikTok users got super creative, adding spins, flips, and props to their lid-flipping duets. It was a fun and interactive way for Chipotle fans to have fun and connect with their products, building a loyal fan base.

5. Tutorials

How-to videos are a hit on all social media platforms, especially TikTok. You get all the information you need in these quick and snappy videos. 

And you know what's even more amazing? Brands love them too! 

How-to videos are the best method for showcasing products in action. They’re the secret sauce to convincing people why a product is worth buying. 


Sephora launched a campaign called Sephora Squad, where they encouraged beauty enthusiasts and their customers to create how-to videos showcasing different makeup looks using Sephora products. These how-to videos became a hit among the TikTok community, with users sharing their expertise and creativity.

What are the top benefits of TikTok UGC?

User-generated content campaigns are a fantastic way to promote your brand on TikTok. 

Here is a list of the top reasons why your brand should include TikTok UGC in the marketing strategy: 

  1. Boost authenticity and trust
  2. Increase reach and exposure
  3. Build a community of followers
  4. Drive sales

1. Boost authenticity and trust

TikTok UGC is all about people sharing their genuine experiences with your brand. It’s not a scripted ad; it’s a heartfelt testimonial that resonates with others. This authenticity builds trust and credibility in the eyes of your audience. Moreover, people trust recommendations from their friends and fellow TikTokers, making UGC an excellent tool for building trust.

2. Increase reach and exposure

UGC creates a buzz that goes beyond your followers. As TikTokers create and share content about your brand, it captures the attention of their followers and extends your reach to a broader audience. Imagine the exposure and reach you’ll get when millions of TikTokers jump on the bandwagon.

3. Build a community of followers

Organising a UGC campaign on TikTok helps brands to create a space for users to share their experiences and stories related to the brand. It brings people together, allowing them to relate and connect over shared interests. With TikTok UGC, brands also get to connect with their audience on a personal level, making every interaction genuine and unforgettable. 

A hashtag feed with the latest posts from school and students builds engagement and grows the sense of community.

4. Drive sales

UGC on TikTok spreads like wildfire as users share amazing content featuring your brand with their friends and followers. This word-of-mouth marketing generates buzz and excitement, attracting new customers and driving sales. Moreover, when TikTok users see others getting excellent results with your brand’s products, it builds trust and confidence. And that trust is what drives more sales for your business.

What are the best practices for using TikTok UGC?

So, what are you waiting for? 

Get your brand on the TikTok UGC train and let your brand shine like never before. 

Here are some of the best practices for maximising your TikTok UGC strategy:

  1. Get to know your audience
  2. Choose the right type of UGC
  3. Create a unique branded hashtag
  4. Collaborate with relevant TikTok influencers
  5. Repurpose User-Generated Content
  6. Embed a TikTok UGC feed on your website & email campaigns

1. Get to know your audience

Understand who your target audience is on TikTok and what content they enjoy. This will help you tailor your UGC campaigns to resonate with them.

2. Choose the right type of UGC

Decide on the type of user-generated content that aligns with your brand and campaign goals. Whether it’s challenges, testimonials, before-and-afters, or creative collaborations, choose what works best for your audience.

3. Create a unique branded hashtag

Develop a catchy and memorable hashtag that users include in their TikTok UGC posts. This makes it easier for you to track and collect content related to your brand – and show hashtag entries on your website, too. For more inspiration and tips, check out some of the best hashtag campaign examples.


NYX Cosmetics launched a UGC campaign on TikTok called #NYXFaceAwards. By using the hashtag #NYXFaceAwards, users easily connect their UGC content to the campaign. NYX Cosmetics tracks and collects all the videos created under the hashtag, allowing everyone to discover talented creators and engage with the community.

4. Collaborate with relevant TikTok influencers

Identify influencers who align with your brand values and have an engaged audience. Collaborating with influencers is a fantastic way to amplify your UGC campaigns and expand your reach.

For example, Guess teamed up with well-known influencers such as @brentrivera and @mylifeaseva for their LOVEGuess campaign, capturing around 24.1 million views.

5. Repurpose user-generated content

Don’t let your UGC on TikTok go to waste after the campaign ends. Repurpose the best content across your social media channels, website, or even in ads to maximise its impact and reach.

Some brands also take advantage of TikTok’s advertising capabilities by incorporating user-generated videos in TikTok Video Shopping Ads. This adds authenticity and social proof to your advertising.

Moreover, Artiphon is one of many brands using Flockler to collect and embed a TikTok video feed on the website. Website visitors now explore a collection of authentic and engaging UGC videos created by the brand’s customers. This provides social proof, builds trust, and adds an interactive and dynamic element to the website.


In addition to TikTok feeds, you can embed Instagram feeds and other social media channels in one place and on any digital service.

6. Embed a TikTok UGC feed on your email campaigns

Let the vibrant and authentic content from your TikTok community shine in your emails, creating a captivating and engaging experience for your subscribers. When you highlight positive feedback and share happy stories from your customers, you build trust in your brand and drive more sales.

With Flockler, many brands successfully collect user-generated content from TikTok, IG, YouTube, and more and embed social feeds in an email newsletter. You can create a styled social media feed for your email newsletter and feature some of your best content and UGC in a few simple steps. 


Inspiring examples of TikTok UGC campaigns

Hold onto your seats because these TikTok UGC campaigns are next-level awesome. They’ve got users hooked and buzzing with excitement. Check out these must-see examples:

  1. Adobe - Encourage users to use branded hashtags
  2. Feros Care - Organise TikTok contests to increase customer engagement
  3. GoPro - Collaborate with the right TikTok creators
  4. Harvard University - Celebrate important events
  5. Gymshark - Start an engaging TikTok challenge

1. Adobe - Encourage users to use branded hashtags

TikTok is the perfect platform for Adobe to showcase real-life design examples from its millions of users. It’s like seeing Adobe’s software in action.

With so many videos under the Adobe umbrella, it may get overwhelming. But fear not, Adobe knows how to organise things. They use hashtags to categorise all that great content. Can you believe that #Adobe alone has a whopping 2.5 billion views? 

And it gets even better when users get product-specific hashtags like #adobeillustrator, #adobepremiere, and #adobefirefly (for their brand new AI art generator). These hashtags make it easier to find tutorials, FAQs, and all the cool stuff you need.

And here’s the genius part: Adobe encourages users like you to jump on these hashtags and show off your skills. It’s a win-win situation. Adobe gets social proof, product feedback, design inspiration, and a tight-knit community, while you get a chance to shine and be part of something amazing.


2. Feros Care - Organise TikTok hashtag contests 

Using hashtags for a TikTok contest is an excellent chance for your brand to boost customer engagement in a platform where you’re not yet active. Let’s say your customers are all about TikTok but your brand hasn’t joined the party there. So, why not organise a hashtag contest and get your customers to pave the way? It’ll make it feel more natural for your brand to jump in later.


Feros Care nails it with their Ask Gran not Google campaign. They asked their customers and influencers to use a unique contest hashtag, and OMG, did it pay off. The results? More engagement, greater brand awareness, and an inspiring social media feed on their website with posts from TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and more. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. Feros Care promotes intergenerational connections while diving headfirst into the TikTok community.

3. GoPro - Let your customers showcase the products

Who could showcase your product in action better than your customers? 

Even before TikTok took off, GoPro rocked their YouTube page with user-generated content to demonstrate their products in action and showcase their product’s high quality. This strategy helped them build a YouTube channel with over 10 million subscribers. And when TikTok exploded, GoPro wasted no time and hopped on the platform with the same approach they used on YouTube – showcasing inspiring and genuine UGC from their consumers.


GoPro now has a special portal on the website where users can upload their content, and the most exceptional ones are rewarded with cash and product prizes. The best entries are also shared on GoPro’s official Instagram account with the hashtag #GoProAwards. Moreover, on their GoPro Awards campaign page, you will find a curated social media feed that displays customer-generated content.

4. Harvard University - Celebrate important events

Graduating from university is a huge accomplishment and a once-in-a-lifetime milestone. At Harvard University, they invite students and their families to join in the excitement by sharing their memorable moments on social media using the hashtag #HKSGrad. Whether it’s a TikTok video, an Instagram Reel, or a Tweet, let’s celebrate together. 

Thanks to Flockler, Harvard University gathers all the incredible images and videos of students celebrating their achievements. These proud moments are then showcased on virtual graduation pages and digital screens. 


By encouraging students to share their joyous moments and displaying them in creative ways, Harvard University has successfully created a sense of community and celebration. As a result, the university experienced an increase in social media reach and engagement.

5. Gymshark - Start an engaging TikTok challenge

Remember the epic 66 Days Challenge Gymshark kicked off back in 2019? The goal was to spread the word about Gymshark. They hyped their followers to share their fitness journey with 'before' and 'after' videos, showing their progress over those 66 days.


Everyone joined in the fun, posting their transformation videos with the hashtag #gymshark66 and tagging @Gymshark. And guess what? The hashtag went viral, racking up a mind-blowing 314.5 million views. This challenge has been ruling the TikTok game for Gymshark over the past four years.

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