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Flockler's Social Media Aggregator curates content from various sources such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and more. Social media aggregators help companies of any size to display social media feeds on their websites, and mobile applications, or broadcast streams of content on digital displays at events or in the office. They can also help companies to analyse which pieces of content are the most popular - and who the most engaging influencers sharing those posts are.

Three reasons to use Flockler's social media aggregator

The most common use of Flockler is to gather all the organisation's posts in one place - and then display the posts on the homepage or another section of the website. An engaging feed of content gives your audience a reason to stay longer and keeps your website populated with fresh content that can be easily automated. Social media walls on websites drive traffic to social media channels too. Social media helps marketers to build a personal connection with customers, so inspiring more people to visit and like social media pages is one of the most obvious reasons why marketers choose to show social media feeds on their websites.

As well as your organisation's posts, you can use Flockler social media aggregator to gather, display, and analyse content shared by influencers. There are diverse groups of influencers to consider: celebrities, micro-influencers, and even employees can all be a vital part of your influencer marketing strategy. Some companies already have built long-lasting relationships with influencers before the rise of social media channels, and they can successfully tap into those assets online too. 

To me, though, the most inspiring use of a social media aggregator is to gather feedback and reviews from customers through social media channels. Recently, I bought a pair of beautiful handcrafted sneakers from JAK - a Portuguese shoe brand - and with the package I received a card asking me to share my love with a hashtag or mention.

A postcard by JAK encouraging customers to share a product review through social media

I love the personal touch by the founders on that card, and aggregating social media content from customers is like website reviews on steroids. Where standard text reviews and star ratings are only visible on your site, don't display the product well, and aren't often shared outside of your services, user-generated content from your customers sparks likes and comments from friends and new audiences (both on your website and in social media channels). Reviews from your customers are much more authentic than stylized branded images - and social proof encourages others to buy your products and services too.

Examples of brands using Flockler social media aggregator

San Francisco-Marin Food Bank

A social media wall on the homepage of San Francisco-Marin Food Bank

Do you already display the latest social media posts of your company on the homepage?

San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, an organisation on a mission to end hunger in the San Francisco Bay Area, uses Flockler social media aggregator to collect the latest social media content and blog posts. It highlights the efforts of the organisation and its community of supporters.

For charities and nonprofits, social media’s importance in marketing has been growing rapidly over the past few years. Displaying the latest social media posts on the website is a natural choice for many organisations – the up-to-date content increases time spent on site and drives traffic to social media channels too.


Instagram images and videos embedded on the GoPro Awards page with Flockler social media aggregator

Do you already display Instagram images on your website?

GoPro Awards page highlights the most engaging entries from the community of influencers and fans. An inspirational wall of Instagram images and videos are gathered from GoPro’s account. With the help of Flockler social media aggregator, the latest content is updated to the website without any manual work.

Embedding an Instagram feed to your website helps increase the time spent on site and inspires others to learn more about your products.


A hashtag feed embedded on the All Hands Within Foundation website

Are you looking to create a user-generated content campaign to increase engagement and reach?

Metallica’s All Within My Hands Foundation is one of the many brands and organisations asking their supporters to create content and post it on their favourite social media channel. A user-generated content campaign’s key benefit is the higher engagement and reach for the posts increasing your brand awareness. The social media channels prioritise content shared by our family and friends – the content gathering the most likes and comments will be shown to us first to make sure we continue browsing further down the feed of posts.


A gallery of Instagram images gather with Flockler social media aggregator tool

Do you gather reviews and feedback from customers through social media?

If you do, let that user-generated content shine on your website and mobile applications!

For inspiration, take a look at the cute and happy customers on the Vivadogs homepage. The marketing team of Vivadogs asks the pet owners to share their reviews with hashtag #vivadogs on Instagram or Facebook, and the team picks their favourite ones to display on a fantastic Instagram grid.

FIFA Museum

FIFA Museum's digital display with an Instagram feed

Do you have digital screens at the office or in public spaces?

It might be time-consuming to update digital screens with fresh content, so why don't you use the inspirational social media feeds that are already available?

FIFA Museum does this by welcoming visiting football fans with an Instagram slideshow that rotates the organisation's latest posts.

How to get started with Flockler Social Media Aggregator?

Getting started with Flockler takes no longer than a couple of minutes and the setup doesn't require any technical skills.

Start by creating an automated social media feed gathering content from your favourite social media channel. You can gather posts based on a hashtag, username, or Page from various channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. You can either store the content for moderation or display it on your website automatically (see the full list of social media sources and content types).

Setting up an automated social media feed takes less than a minute; this video goes through an example of how to create a hashtag feed from Instagram:

After creating self-updating social media feeds from various channels, you'll instantly get an embed code that can be added to any website, mobile application, or another digital service. If you don't have access to manage your website's look and feel, you can forward the embed code to your favourite developer and ask them to place the embed code on your site. The layout can be fully customised to match your company's branding and style. Typically, our clients display a wall, image grid, or a carousel (see Flockler case studies) .

That's it – Flockler's social media aggregator keeps updating the content based on the automated feeds you've set up, and you can embed social media feeds on an unlimited number of pages and services.

With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

Flockler helps marketers like you to create social media feeds and display user-generated content on any digital service increasing dwell time and drive conversions.

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