3 ways to add user-generated content to your e-commerce site

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen user-generated content featured on your favourite online shop. Another customer wearing the shirt you are thinking to buy, perhaps?

And if you are a marketer and have participated in social media marketing events lately, you must have heard stories about how displaying 'social proof' from peers on a product page increases the conversion rates. 

I can guarantee the stories about the benefits of displaying user-generated content on your e-commerce site are true. In fact, our clients have seen an increase of 20-30 % in conversion rates when user-generated content is displayed at the moment of purchase.

Saying NO to an increase of 20 % in sales would be silly, right?

Most companies already have engaged customers sharing content mentioning a branded hashtag or the brand’s username but, if you don’t, here’s how you should get started:

  1. Ask your customers to give feedback and share product ideas and experiences with a specific hashtag. Add a call-to-action to your website, but also to all marketing materials such as posters, leaflets, emails, etc. At the time of decreasing organic reach on Facebook and other social channels, it’s never been more important to engage your customers sharing content about you to their friends.
  2. Use tools like Flockler to gather, analyse, and measure the most popular content and to identify who are the most engaged and influential users sharing the content.
  3. Reward the best ones with an add-on to your current product or provide them with a coupon to purchase your services at a discount.
  4. Amplify the most popular content by sharing, commenting, and liking it, displaying it on your site and measuring which pieces of content are resonating with your target audience and customers. For inspiration, see how Planet Fitness is doing it.

For more inspiration, learn how to launch a UGC marketing campaign with influencers.

How to add user-generated content to your e-commerce site?

Okay, now that you have user-generated content flowing from social channels the next step is to display them on your e-commerce site. Here we’ll take a look at three practical examples on how to add social content to your e-commerce site:

  1. Inspirational social wall on your homepage
  2. User-generated content tagged with products
  3. Social proof on a product page

1) An inspirational social wall on your homepage

Interact content hub brings together the latest golf news, product updates and videos. The hub increases the time spent on TaylorMade's site and drives traffic to both newsletter sign up and product pages. An inspirational social wall on your website helps potential customers to view the products in a real-life context and discover how they are used by others like them.

2) User-generated content tagged with products

Social shop with user-generated content by GlassesUSA

GlassesUSA, a major online retailer of eyewear, has built a ‘Social shop’ highlighting images posted by happy customers worldwide. The images are tagged with related products making it easy for customers to purchase something they like.

The social shop serves as an excellent example of how brands can make user-generated content shoppable. Product feedback and reviews from peers inspire customers and can increase conversion rates on your e-commerce site.

3) Social proof on a product page

Social proof on Holiday Club Resorts booking page

Holiday Club Resorts, a European travel company, is using UGC to boost sales. Since it introduced social content created by customers on its booking pages, it has experienced a 20-30% increase in conversions.

Lately, we interviewed Janica Soppela, web manager of Holiday Club Resorts, to learn how travel and hospitality brands can use UGC to increase conversion rates.

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Flockler helps marketers like you to create social media feeds and display user-generated content on any digital service increasing dwell time and drive conversions.

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