How to embed SoundCloud tracks on any website

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In the past few years, marketers have created branded podcasts, and they post episodes on platforms like SoundCloud. If your company is one of those, and you’d like to get more exposure for your latest audio content, displaying a live-updating feed on your website makes perfect sense. Here, you’ll learn how to embed your latest SoundCloud tracks on WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and any other website.

If you are just looking to show just one SoundCloud track on the website’s sidebar or a blog post, then the default SoundCloud embed is your best choice.

However, most marketers are keen to customize the look & feel of the embed - and combine SoundCloud tracks with posts from other social media channels into one feed. That’s where a social media aggregator comes in handy – with an all-in-one tool like Flockler, you can make sure latest content appears on your website without manual work.

Embed SoundCloud tracks on your website in four steps

SoundCloud embed example

If you don’t have a Flockler account yet, sign up for a free trial before getting started.

Then, follow these four steps to add SoundCloud tracks to any website:

  1. Enable an RSS feed for your SoundCloud channel
  2. Add your SoundCloud channel to Flockler
  3. Select a layout for your embed
  4. Embed SoundCloud tracks on any page

1. Enable an RSS feed for your SoundCloud channel

In step 2, we will be using SoundCloud’s RSS feed for the integration – here’s how to find your SoundCloud channel’s feed:

  1. Log in to SoundCloud.
  2. Go to the 'Settings' page and select 'Content'.
  3. Make sure the tickbox to 'Include in RSS feed' is enabled. 
    Edit RSS feed settings on SoundCloud
  4. Copy the URL of your RSS feed.

2. Add your SoundCloud channel to Flockler

The next step is to click 'Automated Feeds' from Flockler’s navigation and then the 'Create a new automated feed' button.

Next, select the RSS feed from available options.

Selecting a content source on the Flockler app

On Flockler, you can add multiple sources, and by default, all content will be shown in one social feed. Here’s a list of supported channels and sources.

Here, add the URL of the SoundCloud feed from step 1.

Adding a SoundCloud RSS feed to the Flockler app

After adding the SoundCloud RSS feed, Flockler shows a preview of the content. If all looks fine, move on to the next step.

Preview of an RSS feed on the Flockler app

Then, select 'Display automatically' from the moderation options, and Flockler starts gathering your latest tracks.

Moderating social media content feed on the Flockler app

3. Select a layout for your embed

After adding SoundCloud to your content sources on Flockler, it’s time to select what the feed looks like on your website.

Navigate to the 'Display' tab on Flockler and click 'Create a new layout'. Here, Flockler gives you four options to choose from:

SoundCloud embed layout options on the Flockler app

With Flockler, you get unlimited social walls, grids, carousels, and slideshows. For example, the carousel layout is often the right choice for the homepage and the wall or grid for your news & media page.

Flockler allows marketers create unlimited layouts and each of them can be customized to fit the brand’s look & feel. For example, the carousel layout is a perfect choice for pages with limited vertical space.

4. Embed SoundCloud tracks on any page

After selecting the layout, Flockler gives you an embed code. Also, you can click 'Edit style and settings' to further customize the look & feel of your layout without any developer skills.

Embed code for SoundCloud tracks

Then, the last step is to embed your SoundCloud feed on WordPress and any other website. Here are tutorials for the most common website builders and webshops:


With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

Flockler helps marketers like you to create social media feeds and display user-generated content on any digital service. Keep your audience engaged and drive sales.

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