New: Shoppable Instagram Feeds for Shopify

Shoppable Instagram Feeds for Shopify: a new release from Flockler

Flockler has become one of the most loved ways to add Instagram feeds to Shopify. Our latest release, launched today, makes it easier for customers to go from liking your products in a social feed to buying them right inside Shopify.

So, what's new? Well, a new F1 engine 🏎️

Imagine going from a Fiat to a Ferrari. Previously, if you wanted to create a shoppable Instagram feed, you had to add the URL of your Google Merchant Feed to Flockler. Now, Shopify store owners can do it faster by directly connecting their stores with Flockler. All it takes is a few minutes. Not the up to a few days it took with the Merchant Feed.

It feels seamless and is super easy:

Step 1: Add your Shopify store details in Flockler

You need two simple details from your Shopify setup. Here are the guides on finding these two things in a few moments: your Shopify store URL and access token.

Easily add shoppable Instagram feeds to Shopify: Step 1

Step 2: Choose where and what to show

Once you have added your store details, choose where to show the feed and what products you want to show within it. You can show all of your products or filter by a collection. Finally, give your feed a good, memorable name.

Easily add shoppable Instagram feeds to Shopify: Step 2

Step 3: Select "Tag Products"

Now, all you need to do is click "Tag Products" from the panel on the left.

Easily add shoppable Instagram feeds to Shopify: Step 3

Step 4: Choose the Instagram post you want to tag with a product

In the next view, you can choose the Instagram post you want to tag a product with by simply clicking on it to select it.

Easily add shoppable Instagram feeds to Shopify: Step 4

Step 5: Tag products to your post. That's it. You're done. 🎉

As your final step, you must choose the products you want to tag the post with. The selection is easy thanks to a search bar that helps you find the right product in seconds. Click "Add," and you have successfully added your first product.

Step 4: Choose the Instagram post you want to tag with a product

Why add shoppable feeds to Shopify?

Shopify and Instagram: the perfect pair with shoppable feeds.

There are over four million Shopify stores. That gives us four million reasons why we built Shoppable Feeds for Shopify. Frequently, we hear from Shopify marketers just like you:

Flockler already helps your customers to engage in a way that feels authentic, personal, and alive. But until now, you still needed the final direct nudge that leads to purchase. Adding that was a pain. Sometimes, you had to ask your developer or marketing agency for the Google Merchant URL or ask your developer to create one.

The new way to add shoppable feeds to Shopify gives you the results a lot faster.

Why should I care? 🤔

Tagging products in your feed of authentic social content can be your missing magic recommendation engine. Social proof gives customers new reasons to click, discover, and purchase similar products. Shoppable feeds are effective because they fit seamlessly with consumers' social shopping habits and buying behavior. Consider:

Why use Flockler for social commerce?

Social media is not just about hearts and thumbs-ups. Instead, it’s about turning likes into sales. Flockler directly addresses each of the pain points of Shopify marketers:

  1. Boost sales and time on the page. With Flockler, one social feed can have multiple roles: give inspiration on your home page or act like a recommendation engine on a product page. That is because you get unlimited views and layouts and can show a feed in multiple places for no extra cost.

  2. Product and influencer visibility. Great product and influencer content for your social media can cost a fortune. But the effect can soon wither away, leaving you with a constant need to invest in new content in an endless circle. With Flockler, you can create evergreen feeds of your best content across 13+ channels to increase sales on auto-pilot. As a bonus, you can request more usage rights of any social content that further increases your sales.

  3. Build trust and your brand. Ride the wave of user-generated content and let your customers see other people’s preferences.

Best of all, adding Flockler to Shopify is effortless. Start your 14-day free trial.


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