51 UGC Statistics Highlighting Its Importance In 2024

51 UGC key trends and statistics

User-generated content (UGC) comes from people, not companies.

Anyone with internet access can create and share it with others. People usually create UGC on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and other social media channels. It brings people with similar interests together, creating communities that like to help each other.

Showing UGC builds genuine interest and trust when marketing a brand. Some brands go one step further and show UGC on their websites, engaging visitors with authentic content. They get almost 29% more website conversions than brands that don't show UGC.

GoPro sharing user-generated content on its website
GoPro shares UGC on its website with hashtag contests involving users.

UGC is an excellent way to deliver social proof, capture visitors' attention, and engage them with content they can easily relate to. Several brands are using UGC on various digital platforms and channels. Take a look at these statistics and explore how companies use UGC in 2024.

Key UGC trends to watch

These trends show the importance of user-generated content and add several reasons for brands to invest in it. Not only do they help you spread the brand's messaging, but they also influence buying decisions for several shoppers.

  • Around 78% of online content will be user-generated by 2033.
  • 84% of buyers trust recommendations from their peers over all types of advertising.
  • 90% of buyers valued authenticity highly in 2019 when choosing brands they support, a rise from 86% in 2017.
  • UGC greatly influences 79% of people's buying decisions.
  • Word-of-mouth marketing doubles sales compared to paid ads.
  • 74% of buyers use social media to make shopping decisions.
  • 56% of customers learn about products through friends or acquaintances.

UGC and marketing channels

UGC works differently on various marketing channels, but all in a good way. When paired with ads, it lowers the cost per click (CPC). On social media, it lifts engagement, and increases conversions on a website. Overall, wherever you put UGC, it rewards you with higher engagement, conversions, and a better response from your channels.

  • Ads with UGC have 4 times the click-through rates and cost 50% less per click.
  • Social media campaigns with UGC increase engagement by 50%.
  • A quarter of search results for big brands are UGC links.
  • Blogs with UGC see engagement jump of 50%.
  • 80% of marketers feel UGC influences people's purchasing decisions.
  • UGC makes blog articles 2.5 times more shareable.
  • Instagram posts with UGC get 70% more engagement.
  • UGC boost a blog's organic traffic by 45%.
  • Social media campaigns with UGC perform 25% better.
  • UGC testimonials can lift purchase intent by 30%.

Branded content vs. user-generated content

Your team creates branded content for your target audience. In turn, your audience generates UGC for your team to use effectively. Various evidence shows that UGC supports branded content in achieving its desired outcomes. 

  • Millennials believe UGC over branded content by 50% more.
  • Consumers find UGC 2.4 times more authentic than brand-created content.
  • Brand-specific forums and discussions can increase web traffic by 15%.
  • 85% of people trust UGC more than brand photos or videos.
  • 70% of brands feel UGC makes campaigns feel more genuine.

Why brands love UGC

There are various reasons why brands favor and love user-generated content. It's apparent that it makes a sizeable impact, but at the same time, it allows businesses to save substantially on content creation costs. It supports their content strategy and keeps people around for longer.

  • 50% of the consumers wish brands would guide them on what content to create and share.
  • Millennials over 25 are the leading creators of UGC, making up over 70% of it.
  • Mixing professional content with UGC boosts brand engagement by 28%.
  • Including UGC in the online shopping journey boosts conversions by 10%.
  • 48% of consumers discover new products through UGC.
  • UGC saves brands an average of $72,000 on content creation.
  • Only 16% of brands have a strategy for using UGC.
  • 75% of companies say UGC makes their content strategy better.
  • Websites with user forums keep people around 18% longer.
  • Over 50% of marketers find UGC videos more profitable.

Why buyers love UGC

Buyers love UGC for its authenticity. They're more open to their peers' opinions and thoughts on your product than what you promote. UGC adds credibility and serves as social proof of your brand's value.

  • Millennials find UGC 35% more memorable than mainstream content.
  • People spend an average of 5.4 hours a day engaging with UGC.
  • 60% of people are willing to make content for a brand if they get a reward.
  • 40% of customers have bought something after seeing UGC on social media.
  • 93% of buyers find UGC very helpful for making buying decisions.
  • 35% of Gen Z predicts UGC will be more credible than branded content in 3 to 5 years.
  • 31% of buyers find UGC ads more memorable than conventional ads.
  • 92% of buyers believe in reviews and personal stories over traditional ads.
  • Gen Z is set to produce 45% of all UGC by 2030.

Relevance of employee-generated content

Employee-generated content involves employees reviewing work culture, writing testimonials, or sharing company-related posts and videos. This type of UGC gets more engagement than branded content and lets companies reach a broader audience.

  • Employee networks are ten times larger than a company's followers, offering a vast potential reach.
  • 98% of employees use social media and half post about their companies.
  • Content shared by employees gets double the engagement.
  • Content shared by employees is re-shared 24 times more than branded messages.


Toward user-generated conversions

User-generated content exists on forums and social media platforms until you amplify it on your channels. Put UGC closer to places where potential buyers can easily convert into paying customers.

For example, you can embed user-generated content in your pages where you showcase products. UGC will help capture visitors' interest while adding social proof for what you sell.

Opus Clips showing UGC on its website and improving conversions

Think about embedding UGC on places relevant to your website where buyers can convert without much friction.

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