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UNDRDOG ATHLETIX website and Shopify store for inspiration

Use-case: Shopify, E-commerce
Quick insight: 144,000+ followers on Instagram. 122,000+ likes on one video reel.

Born from the spirit of perseverance, UNDRDOG ATHLETIX is the brand for the athletic underdog, for those with the resilient spirit to defy the odds. They design their range of sportswear and gear for durability, style, and optimum performance.

In the competitive world of athletic wear, UNDRDOG ATHLETIX needed a unique edge. They recognized that today's consumers seek authenticity. To succeed, the connection with their audience must be genuine and powerful. So, they needed a way to present real-world athletes, workouts, and reviews. However, merely having an Instagram account is one thing; seamlessly integrating it into a Shopify store is another.

That's where Flockler comes in.

Sample of embedding Instagram on a Shopify site

Embedding UNDRDOG ATHLETIX's dynamic Instagram feed on their site with Flockler serves multiple purposes. It shows potential customers the real-world application of their products. It also allows influencers and loyal fans to feature on their Shopify store, making their brand and message relatable, authentic, and aspirational.

UNDRDOG ATHLETIX can now use and amplify the same marketing principles as the most prominent players in the apparel industry at a fraction of the cost.

Outcome and benefits

With Flockler's capabilities, UNDRDOG ATHLETIX effortlessly curates the content they want to show. The widget loads fast, is easy to edit, and is a visual treat. Visitors witness real people achieving athletic accomplishments with UNDRDOG products, a powerful form of social proof.

For UNDRDOG ATHLETIX, Flockler is a way to blend e-commerce with genuine content, raise their brand, and foster a community ready to defy the odds.

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