How to embed an Instagram feed on Wix

An Instagram feed embed

In the past ten years, Wix has become the most popular do-it-yourself platform for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses to build and run their websites and e-commerce shops. Believe it or not, but Wix has over 200 million users.

Among those 200 million users, many are looking to add an Instagram feed to their website. They might be displaying images, videos, and Stories by their businesses or running user-generated content campaigns featuring social proof from their customers.

It’s easy to embed social media posts on any website and digital service. However, adding each piece of content to your website manually is time-consuming, and it might prove challenging to maintain in the long term when team members and their roles change.

Automation is one of the key reasons website owners and developers use Flockler social media aggregator. With Flockler, you can create your own rules on what type of content is displayed on your Wix site. You can either let all of the content display automatically or review each post before it shows on your page. You can always add and hide more posts regardless of the automation rules – you are in full control of what Flockler shows on your website.

Another important reason is the ready-made templates (Wall, Grid, and Carousel) that website owners can embed on any Wix page without technical skills. You can create an unlimited number of those layouts and display them in multiple domains and digital services.

Here’s a three-step guide on how to add an Instagram feed to Wix:

  1. Set automation to collect Instagram images, videos, and Stories
  2. Select your Instagram feed layout (Wall, Grid, or Carousel)
  3. Embed an Instagram feed on any Wix page

Step 1: Set automation to collect Instagram images, videos, and Stories

After signing up for your free trial with Flockler or logging in to your existing account, the first step is to create automated feeds and rules on what type of content Flockler should automatically add to your account. If you’ve already gathered content with Flockler, move to Step 2.

From Instagram, you can collect:

  • All public images and videos mentioning a hashtag
  • All public images and videos by any Business Account
  • Public images and videos mentioning your Business Account or tagging your business within an image (admin rights of the tagged/mentioned Business Account required).
  • Instagram Stories from your Business Account (only Stories published in the past 24 hours, and admin rights of the Business Account required).

Here’s a one-minute video on how to embed an Instagram Stories feed on your website:

In addition to Instagram feeds, you can add content from multiple social media channels and show their content in one place. Here’s the list of supported social media feeds and content sources.

Step 2: Select your Instagram feed layout (Wall, Grid, or Carousel)

Now that you have one or multiple automated feeds pulling fresh content every 5-15 minutes, the second step is to select one of the ready-made templates.

The social wall, grid, and carousel layouts are available via the ‘Display’ tab on your Flockler account.

Selecting an Instagram feed layout on the Flockler app

You can create as many layouts and embed codes as you like. If you have multiple websites, apps, and other digital services, click the ‘Create a new layout’ button to create an embed code for each of them.

After selecting your layout, Flockler gives you an embed code and a preview URL that you can use on your Wix pages.

A Flockler embed code to show Instagram feeds on any website

Step 3: Embed an Instagram feed on any Wix page

The third and final step is to embed Flockler on your Wix site.

There are two ways to do it, and the way depends on the user interface within Wix that you're using. Here are quick instructions for both versions.

Embedding Flockler with the (classic) Wix Editor

Most Wix users are familiar with the Wix Editor, and adding Flockler to any part of your page takes only a couple of minutes.

In the Wix Editor, click the + button on the left, select ‘Embed’ and then ‘Embed a widget’ from the available options.

Add an embed element to Wix

Resize the element and then click the ‘Enter Code’ button.

Entering an HTML embed code on Wix

Go to Flockler’s ‘Display’ tab and copy and paste the embed code to Wix’s editor.

Adding an embed code to the Wix Editor

Click the ‘Update’ button, and your Flockler layout appears on the page.

Wix layout with a Flockler embed code

That’s it – click to ‘Publish’ your website, and you can say goodbye to manual updates. The Flockler platform will do the work for you.

Embedding Flockler with the Wix ADI

The Wix ADI is a new, easy-to-use, and AI-powered editor with ready templates. Open the editor and click + icon on the page and select the position where you’d like to display the Instagram feed.

Adding an element with the Wix ADI

Then select ‘HTML Embed’ and one of the ready templates.

Selecting HTML Embed element on the Wix ADI

Edit or remove the default texts and click ‘Settings’ next to HTML.

Edit setting of a Wix ADI HTML embed

Make sure you select ‘Website’ from the two embed types and add the ‘Preview’ URL of Flockler to the editor. You can find the ‘Preview’ URL from Flockler’s Display tab. While you are on the editor, you can change the width and height available for the Flockler layout.

Adding Flockler to Wix ADI

That’s all – click to ‘Publish’ your website, and the beautiful Instagram feed shows up on your Wix site.

Why do brands embed Instagram feeds on websites?

There are quite a few reasons why more than 1.000 organisations worldwide use Flockler to embed social media feeds on websites and digital services. The most common use cases are:

  • Displaying dynamic content on the website
  • Running user-generated content campaigns
  • Adding social proof to product pages

Displaying dynamic content on the website

Most companies keep their social media accounts updated with daily or weekly posts. However, writing news and blog posts might be only occasional, and the website remains reasonably static.

That’s where Flockler can help.

With the automated feeds, you can gather all branded content in one place. And with Flockler’s ready-made templates, you can display filtered views on each page. Instead of repeating the same social media wall on all pages, hashtags in your content create tens or hundreds of unique feeds and walls to display on your Wix site and other digital services. You don’t pay any extra for the hashtag-filtered walls of brand content.

Learn how you can use hashtag feeds to display the right content in the right place and at the right time.

Running user-generated content campaigns

User-generated content campaigns are an efficient way of increasing engagement and reach on social media channels and crowdsourcing authentic content to share.

One of the best examples is the #GoProAwards campaign. On the GoPro website, the brand asks its customers to upload images and videos with a chance to win a prize. The best entries are shared with GoPro’s Instagram channel and, with the help of Flockler, the #GoProAwards Instagram feed is embedded on the page.

GoPro Awards page with an embedded Instagram feed

What makes user-generated content so powerful compared to branded content?

It’s simple: social media channels fight to increase the time spent on their services and prioritise posts from our friends. Those posts usually gather more likes, comments, and other interactions. Get your business mentioned by customers, and you’ll get a piece of the action, too!

Adding social proof on product pages

Asking your customers to share their experiences and embedding hashtag feeds on product pages is one of the best ways of increasing conversions on your e-commerce site. Customers trust social proof and reviews from peers almost as much as they rely on recommendations from their friends.

Worktop Express, a popular online shop for solid wood worktops, shows social proof on their homepage and product pages.


With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

Flockler helps marketers like you to create social media feeds and display user-generated content on any digital service. Keep your audience engaged and drive sales.

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