Is Instagram marketing worth it?

Instagram marketing can be hard work. It requires a constant stream of high quality and engaging images, videos in a weird aspect ratio (9:16), reaching out to influencers, marketing team not too camera-shy, and many more areas of expertise. Is it worth it? We listed four reasons why you should spend a part of your marketing budget on Instagram.

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How to add an Instagram Mentions feed on your website

Most of our clients display Instagram feeds on their websites and other digital services. They mix images from their brand accounts and feedback from their customers, inspiring others to join the movement. The results are higher engagement, longer page visits, and an increase in conversion rates.

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How to use social media: Instagram

In part two of our series on ‘How to Use Social Media in 2017’ we take a look at Instagram, what’s new and how marketers can leverage this channel, which now has more than 500 million active monthly users, to reach their customers.

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