5 benefits of adding an Instagram feed on your website

Instagram images embedded on New Zealand Ski website

Does your company (or your customers) post Instagram images?

Most companies do these days but, surprisingly, only a handful of them are showing Instagram feeds on their websites. A lot of sweat goes into planning and creating stunning Instagram image feeds but it makes sense to capitalise on the potential of this content outside of Instagram, too.

Why would you display Instagram images on your website?.

We've listed five benefits of adding an Instagram feed on your website:

  1. Higher reach for your Instagram content
  2. Grow the number of Instagram followers
  3. Gather data for targeted ads
  4. Increase time spent on site
  5. Drive sales with social proof

1. Higher reach for your Instagram content

Maybe the most obvious but overlooked benefit is that by displaying the company Instagram feed on your website, the reach of your content will be higher. The more people that view your content, the more people will visit your Instagram profile and engage with your content too.

Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t typically show posts in status feeds that are older than a few days, and increasing the reach of your content within the Instagram app usually requires an advertising budget. So, make sure that you are using all your digital touchpoints with customers to highlight your content before throwing money into advertising tools!

Your homepage is the best place to get started and maximize the visibility of your Instagram feed. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, a luxury voyage operator, displays a beautiful social-media powered image gallery on their website. This dynamic image gallery with authentic content inspires customers to learn more about Hapag-Lloyd’s services and drives bookings.

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises website pictured in three different devices and showing a social media image gallery

2. Grow the number of Instagram followers

In addition to your existing followers, an inspirational Instagram feed on your website will get the attention of new customers too.

In general, most Instagram users follow their friends and are picky when it comes to clicking the ‘Follow’ button on a company’s Instagram profile. After all, you might have just seen one photo from the brand and that’s not normally enough to convince you to follow their profile.

That’s where a beautiful Instagram grid can help as it will allow you to show a large number of recent posts in one place. You can display all the latest posts as an automatically updating Instagram feed - or even handpick the posts if you’d like to have a fully custom feed on your website. An engaging Instagram feed will drive traffic back to your profile and increase the number of followers.

Here’s an example by Philipp Plein highlighting influencer content on their e-commerce site:

3. Gather data for targeted ads

Sad but true: advertising is needed to maximise your reach on social media channels.

How is advertising related to the Instagram feed on your website? Well, it’s all linked to the benefits mentioned above. As your profile gets more visits and more people like and comment on your content, the more data there will be for Instagram and Facebook to use for ad targeting.

Yes, Facebook ads can be targeted based on Instagram data too. With Facebook’s Ads Manager, which also targets Instagram, you can create Custom Audiences and target people who’ve visited your profile and interacted with your content. Also, the same tools allow you to distribute the ads to people similar to your current audience on both platforms – the data is gathered from the thousands of signals the 500 million+ users are leaving behind each day.

Campari is one of the many Flockler clients with a carefully designed and stunning Instagram feed embedded on their website to drive traffic back to their profile:

Campari's Instagram feed displayed in three devices.

4. Increase time spent on site

If you are responsible for the company website, I’m sure one of the KPIs you are tracking is the time spent on site. The time spent on site reveals both the quality of your traffic and how engaging the individual pages are. Have you provided enough reasons for visitors to stay on pages and keep browsing?

Instagram feeds can help you to improve your KPIs and keep visitors engaged with your content longer. Adding an inspirational social media feed on the homepage or on other important pages (e.g. product pages) will encourage visitors to learn more about your services.

Metallica’s concert pages are a great example. Fans love to share their experiences from live events and show friends what they are missing out on! Metallica’s concert pages include an event-specific hashtag and a real-time feed of Instagram images from fans and band members. 

A screenshot of the social media wall with Instagram images on Metallica.com website

5. Drive sales with social proof

Your ultimate goal as a marketer? It must be increasing the number of conversions.

How can Instagram feeds help you to drive more sales? The most effective way is to gather product feedback from your customers via Instagram and include some of the best posts as social proof on your website. You can combine this with text reviews and other feedback systems you might already have in place but there are two key reasons that make Instagram feeds even more powerful:

  1. An Instagram feed is visual and captures the attention of the visitor.
  2. Social media posts shared by customers can reach their friends and followers that might not be familiar with your products - and people trust this content more than branded company content.

Vivadogs, a subscription service for dog owners, curates images of their happy customers enjoying the products and they display the curated feed on the homepage.

Instagram gallery of dogs playing with Vivadogs products

With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

Flockler helps marketers like you to create social media feeds and display user-generated content on any digital service increasing dwell time and drive conversions.

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