Searching for a Twitter feed on website example? Four businesses show you how

Twitter feed on website example by ESMO

In this blog post, we’ll show you four Twitter feed examples: Wall, Carousel, Grid, and Slideshow – and how to embed them on any website.

Most businesses show social media feeds on websites to get more visibility and increase likes, comments, and the number of followers on social media. The more people who interact with and share your content, the more people who will see your posts in the future.

Not only do marketing teams seek to increase engagement – finding and showing posts that keep users engaged with the service is the primary job of the Twitter feed algorithm, too. Your job as a marketer is to throw fuel onto the fire: to make sure you increase the likelihood of interactions and display an active Twitter feed on all websites and digital services.

Therefore, it is somewhat surprising that Twitter doesn’t provide sophisticated tools for marketers to show off their latest tweets on websites and other digital tools. After all, that would benefit both sides searching for higher engagement.

Sure, they offer Twitter timeline embeds to show your profile, lists, and likes, but the timeline's look & feel can’t be customized, and Twitter’s iframe embed has a fixed height. Scrollable elements inside a page don’t have a great user experience and accessibility, especially on mobile.

Not only that, you cannot moderate the Twitter hashtag feed or brand mentions, and you won’t be able to add multiple sources to one Twitter feed either.

So how do you put a Twitter feed on your website then?

Most companies use a professional Twitter widget. A custom Twitter widget allows brands to select from multiple, ready-made layouts, change fonts, colours, etc., and moderate hashtag feeds. And typically, you can combine content from multiple social media channels.

In this blog post, we will end your search for a Twitter feed on website example, as we will let four businesses show you how they display live Twitter feeds on websites, mobile apps, and digital screens.

Four examples of a Twitter feed on a website

With a Twitter aggregator, gathering and showing a custom Twitter feed is straightforward - and the setup doesn’t require any technical skills. Here are four examples for your inspiration:

  1. Twitter Wall: United Nations Foundation
  2. Twitter Carousel: National Glass Association
  3. Twitter Grid: Wolves FC
  4. Twitter Slideshow: Westover Hills Church

1. Twitter Wall: United Nations Foundation

A Twitter wall is the most popular option for event organisers looking to show social feeds on big screens. A live-updating social wall keeps participants engaged and encourages your audience to share the branded hashtag. After the event, the Twitter wall gathers highlights from the organiser, speakers, and audience, making it a fantastic tool for future event marketing and sponsorship discussions.

But a tweet wall is also a natural part of any successful hashtag campaign. Hashtag campaigns help increase awareness and reach new audiences on social media, and a Twitter wall brings hashtag mentions together for your website visitors.

One of our favourite Twitter wall examples is the #EqualEverywhere campaign by United Nations Foundation.

Twitter feed on website example by United Nations Foundation

In this campaign, United Nations Foundation asks everyone to join the fight for a more equal world. Through the Twitter wall, you will get to know the champions of the campaign.

2. Twitter Carousel: National Glass Association

Many companies search for a horizontal Twitter feed for their websites. Like the slideshow, the Twitter carousel allows website visitors to browse through content to the left and right – the element has a limited height, making it a very popular choice for homepages, where it can look neater.

National Glass Association’s carousel shows both tweets and LinkedIn posts on the homepage – driving traffic to their branded channels and growing post engagement and followers.

Twitter feed on website example by National Glass Association

It’s easy to embed Twitter feeds on WordPress and any other website.

First, sign up for Flockler’s free trial and add one or multiple content sources to update your live Twitter feeds. For example, choose to show tweets from trusted users and hashtag mentions.

Choosing the Twitter feed source on the Flockler app

Next, select the layout. You can create a custom Twitter feed design for your website without any technical skills and directly from the user interface.

Choosing a layout for the Twitter feed embed

And finally, download the WordPress plugin or use the embed code for any other website builder and webshop.

A user gets an embed code for the Twitter feed

3. Twitter Grid: Wolves FC

Does your company have a lot of visual content to share? If yes, the Twitter grid might be your first choice.

Wolves FC, a football team in the English Premier League, displays a Twitter grid on their iPhone and Android applications. In addition to club content, they highlight the best user-generated content from players and fans mentioning the branded hashtag.

Twitter feed on a mobile app example by Wolves FC

Sports teams use social media to drive ticket and merchandise sales and actively post images and video clips to Twitter and other social media channels. These days, professional sports teams have a team for social media content creation and engagement with fans. So for them, it would be insane to miss the opportunity and not to show Twitter feeds on websites, mobile apps, and digital screens.

4. Twitter Slideshow: Westover Connect

Another popular layout for events is the Twitter slideshow. A Twitter slider rotates a selected number of the latest posts from your branded account or hashtag feeds.

Westover Hills Church’s Twitter slideshow encourages their audience to tag their selfies with a branded hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter feed on a digital screen example by Westover Connect

This option can work really well on digital screens but the slider is another great option for a horizontal Twitter feed on your website.

With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

Flockler helps marketers like you to create social media feeds and display user-generated content on any digital service. Keep your audience engaged and drive sales.

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