9 best positive review examples and how to respond to reviews

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A positive review is a powerful marketing tool helping you bring in new customers and improve your business’s reputation. When you take the time to respond to those reviews, you show your customers how much you value their feedback and let potential customers know that you are dedicated to providing excellent service.

Are you looking to grow your business and make it stand out from the competition with positive reviews?

This blog has got you covered with the best examples, top places where to find good customer reviews, and some helpful tips on how to get and respond to them.

What is a customer review?

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Before we get into the good stuff – the best positive review examples and where to find them – let’s talk about what customer reviews actually are.

Simply put, they’re feedback from customers about their experience with your business’ products and services. They are positive, negative, or neutral and available on many different websites. Moreover, don’t underestimate the power of positive reviews – they’re crucial for building trust and credibility with potential customers, and businesses should aim to showcase these reviews to highlight their strengths.

Where to find (and get) customer reviews?

When it comes to building trust with potential customers, positive reviews from happy customers are a game-changer for any website and on Google’s search results. Here are some popular places to find customer reviews:

  1. Google Reviews
  2. Social media
  3. Website reviews and quotes
  4. Trustpilot
  5. Yelp
  6. Capterra and G2
  7. Customer service / live chat
  8. Interviews and stories
  9. Media and blogs
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1. Google Reviews

Google is a great place to get customer reviews because it is relatively easy for customers to leave feedback on your Google My Business page. I’m sure you’ve viewed Google reviews many times to get a better idea of the restaurants, cafes, plumbing services, and many other local services.

Google Reviews are a must-have for local businesses. That’s because they boost your online presence and help you rank higher in search results. In addition, responding to Google Reviews is an effective way to connect with your customers, show that you value their opinions, and address any questions or concerns they might have.

Positive Google Reviews examples

Find out the best strategies to get more Google Reviews for your business and attract more customers.

2. Social media

Businesses get valuable customer feedback on social media platforms by actively engaging with them and asking for reviews. An active social media presence helps improve your company’s online reputation and attract more customers.

One way to get reviews on social media is to encourage customers to leave comments about their experience with your business. Asking your audience to mention branded hashtags and tag your brand on their social media posts is another method worth considering. This way, you reach a wider audience and get more product feedback.

Sundance Balloons is one of the thousands of Flockler customers showing branded hashtag mentions and customer-generated content from Instagram.

I bet your customers leave feedback and reviews on your Facebook Page, too. I’ve seen many recommendations from my friends in my news feed, and if I see a business with a lot of positive feedback, I’m much more likely to give them a try.

Facebook recommendation examples

To get Facebook reviews for your business, try asking for them in a post – and perhaps, offer a small incentive for leaving feedback.

3. Website reviews and quotes

Want to let everyone know how much your customers love you? If you're using a website builder platform like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, or HubSpot, you can use their drag and drop features to add a reviews section to your website. It’s a great way to show off your business’s social proof and build trust with potential customers. You should include short quotes, video testimonials, and photos showing off real-life use cases of your products.

An example of a positive customer quote

With Flockler, many brands successfully collect and show customer testimonials – star ratings, text, and images from happy customers - on their website.

A positive customer review example

4. Trustpilot

Trustpilot has become a go-to site for businesses who want to gather reviews from their verified customers. And when your customers leave feedback on Trustpilot, make sure to respond promptly and show them that you value their input. Plus, if you want to display your Trustpilot rating and reviews on your website, the trust badges and widgets help you do just that.

5. Yelp

Yelp is an increasingly popular review platform where customers share their experiences and rate businesses. Business owners and marketers like you have already claimed a page on Yelp, gotten customer feedback, and responded to reviews. Don’t waste an opportunity to promote your business on Yelp and get more people to notice it.

A positive customer review example from Yelp

6. Capterra and G2

If you run a software business, Capterra and G2 are two review platforms you should check out. These sites have authentic reviews from your customers, which help potential buyers see how fantastic your product is. Additionally, you should respond to reviews and address any issues that pop up right on the site.

7. Customer service / live chat

Keeping your customers happy via the website’s live chat isn’t just the right thing to do; it also boosts future business. Customers with a positive customer service experience are likelier to write a positive review.

And if you want to give your customers the best possible experience, look no further than live chat support! Live chat helps customers to get immediate answers to their questions, making them feel heard and appreciated. By taking the time to understand their problems and find a solution, businesses keep their customers loyal to the brand and can even get a positive review of it.

Customer live chat review example

8. Interviews and stories

Sharing your customers’ stories and interviews on your website and social media pages is another great way to get good customer reviews. People love to hear about others’ experiences, so why not share their stories through your digital platforms? In-depth interviews are a great way to show how your products have helped your customers and create a community of loyal customers who are happy to leave positive reviews.

These stories often mention the obstacles customers face and show how your business helps them overcome those challenges. For example, software companies often feature success stories of how their platform simplifies a client’s business operations, boosting efficiency and revenue.

9. Media and blogs

If businesses want to get positive reviews, boosting media and blog coverage is a valuable strategy. One practical approach is to pitch stories or press releases to media outlets or industry blogs interested in your business's offerings. These stories highlight the business’s unique value proposition and its positive impact on its customers.

Another way to leverage media coverage is to feature positive reviews and testimonials from media outlets on your business’s website. Media and newspaper logos help build trust and credibility with potential customers and demonstrate your business’s expertise in the industry. By using these tactics, your business attracts positive attention and earns the trust and loyalty of the customers.

An example of a press coverage page

Positive review examples

A positive review expresses overall satisfaction with a business, highlighting aspects the reviewer enjoyed or found beneficial. In addition, a positive review often includes personal experiences, constructive feedback, and recommendations for others. When written in a genuine tone and well-structured format, a positive review helps build trust and credibility with potential customers. Your business should show off these reviews to highlight what you do best.

For your inspiration, here are some of the best positive review examples:

  1. Collect excellent customer reviews from review platforms
  2. Share user-generated content on social media and website
  3. Display customer feedback and reviews on the website
  4. Make UGC shoppable on any webshop
  5. Show Google Reviews on the website
  6. Gather positive customer feedback via an upload form

1. Collect excellent customer reviews from review platforms

Here are some satisfied customer reviews examples from various industries:

  • A 5-star review example for a flower shop: "I wanted to surprise my mom with a beautiful arrangement for her birthday, and [flower shop name] did not disappoint. The staff helped me pick the perfect flowers and even added a special touch with unique greenery. My mom loved the bouquet and said it was the best present she had received. If you’re looking for a quality flower shop with exceptional customer service, look no further than [flower shop name]."
  • A Yelp review for a local restaurant: "I had such a great experience at [restaurant name] - it’s definitely my new favourite spot in town. The food was incredible, and the staff were so welcoming and attentive. I loved the cosy atmosphere, too. It was the perfect place to unwind after a long day, and I can’t wait to come back. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a great dining experience!"
  • An excellent Trustpilot review of a clothing store: "I recently discovered [clothing store name] and it’s now my new favourite spot to shop! The staff was super friendly and helpful, and they made the whole experience enjoyable. I found some really cute clothes that fit me perfectly, and the prices were surprisingly affordable. I also loved how organised the store was, and it made it so easy to find what I was looking for. Trust me, you won’t regret stopping by!"
  • A software company review on Capterra: "I’ve used a few different project management tools in the past, but [software company name] is by far my favourite. The UI is clean and intuitive, and I love how easy it is to collaborate with my team. Plus, the mobile app is super handy for checking in on projects on-the-go. The customer support team is also amazing - they’re patient and explain things in a way that's easy to understand. I’ve recommended it to several colleagues already and will continue to do so."
  • A high rating review of a hotel on TripAdvisor: "I recently spent a few nights at [hotel name] and it exceeded all my expectations. The room was spotless and had a great view, and the bed was so comfortable! The staff were so friendly and accommodating, they made me feel right at home. Overall, a fantastic experience that I’ll definitely be telling my friends about. Highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting the area."

2. Share user-generated content on social media and website

Have you noticed that more and more businesses are organising user-generated content campaigns and sharing them on social media? They are showing off their happy customers and letting them share their amazing experiences.

If you love using your GoPro camera to capture epic adventures, you should definitely check out the #GoProAwards hashtag campaign. GoPro invites fans and influencers to capture their best moments with their products and submit compelling images and videos via a submission form. The best entries are shared on GoPro’s official Instagram account and website.

A social media feed embedded on a website

3. Display customer feedback and reviews on the website

Sohome is one of the e-commerce brands collecting customer testimonials from social media and showing them on websites. A social media feed with customer feedback and reviews helps them demonstrate the value of their products and services, build credibility, and drive conversions.


4. Make UGC shoppable on any webshop

Worktop Express, an online worktop supplier, collects and embeds images of how customers use their products for home design on the section "Our Customers’ Creations" of their homepage. Moreover, after clicking any of the images on the shoppable UGC feed, the website visitor finds the matching product. Well done, Worktop!

A shoppable Instagram feed on a website
A tagged product on an Instagram image

5. Show Google Reviews on the website

Many companies dedicate a section of their website to display Google reviews. Social proof encourages prospects to learn more about your products and turns them into customers. They also inspire existing customers to leave a review.

Embedding Google Reviews on your website will improve your site metrics, too. Authentic and fresh customer reviews will help keep your site visitors engaged longer and spend more time on your site. The longer time spent on the site improves your SEO and Google search rankings.

Embedded Google Reviews feed

6. Gather positive customer feedback via an upload form

Opus Art Supplies’ customer-generated art galleries are a brilliant example. On their webshop for artists and photographers, Opus Art Supplies organises competitions on different themes such as nature, national holidays, and hobbies. The contests run primarily on social media, and with Flockler, they embed Instagram feeds on the website to show their appreciation for the artists and community.

An example of a user-generated content campaign on a website

However, not all of us are active on social media channels. That’s when the upload form on the Opus Art Supplies website comes in handy. Customers submit images with a text description, and the website marketing team uses Flockler’s Reviews feature to review and approve uploads.

An upload form for UGC and customer reviews

How to get more positive reviews for your business?

Getting positive reviews from customers is crucial to the success of a business. Here are some ways to encourage customers to leave positive reviews:

  1. Ask: Don’t forget to ask for a review in person or through a follow-up email after purchase. Let them know how much their feedback means to you and how it helps your business grow.
  2. Incentivize: Offering an incentive for leaving a review is also effective. It’s essential to offer something of value that is relevant to your business. For example, a restaurant could offer a free appetiser or dessert for leaving a review, while a software company could offer an extended free trial or an additional feature. Besides, your brand should avoid offering "too big" incentives that appear to be "buying" positive reviews.
  3. Make it easy: Make the review process as easy as possible for customers. You should ensure that the links provided to review platforms are functional and lead directly to the appropriate page. Additionally, it is recommended to include screenshots or video tutorials to make the process as straightforward as possible.
  4. Make them visible: Don’t forget to display a curated collection of best reviews on your homepage, product pages, and all other digital channels.

How should your brand respond to customer reviews?

By responding to reviews appropriately, businesses build trust and credibility with potential customers and encourage more positive reviews in the future. Here are some positive reviews response tips for your business:

  1. Say thank you: Take the time to express appreciation to the customer for their feedback. Acknowledge that their time and effort are appreciated and that their comments will help the business improve. This simple gesture shows that the business values the customer and their experience.
  2. Address any concerns: Even if the review is positive, customers may still mention their issues or concerns during their experience. In these cases, businesses need to address these concerns promptly and professionally. Acknowledge the issue, offer a solution, and let the customer know their feedback has been taken seriously.
  3. Keep it professional: When responding to reviews, it’s recommended to focus on addressing the issue, maintain a professional tone, and avoid getting defensive or argumentative. Responding to reviews positively and professionally shows that the business takes customer feedback seriously and is committed to providing the best possible experience.

How to embed positive reviews on any website

The most effective way of getting more positive reviews is to make the existing ones visible on your website.

With Flockler, collecting and showing reviews is ridiculously easy, and you can test how it all works with a 14-day free trial.

After signing, choose one of the content sources. You can add multiple sources and show them in one place – you’ll get advanced moderation tools to make sure only chosen reviews will be visible. The most popular ones are Instagram hashtag mentions and Google Reviews, and you check the full list of content sources for more details.

Choosing a content source on the Flockler app

Next, you can create unlimited layouts (walls, grids, carousels, and slideshows) and embed them on any website and digital service.

Display layout options on the Flockler app

The look & feel can be fully customized without technical skills and straight from Flockler’s design editor.

Customizing the Flockler layout

Finally, embed your customer reviews on any website. Below you’ll find step-by-step embedding instructions for the most common website builders – don’t hesitate to message us if you are using another platform and need help embedding reviews.

With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

Flockler helps marketers like you to create social media feeds and display user-generated content on any digital service. Keep your audience engaged and drive sales.

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