10 fantastic Instagram walls for websites and events

An Instagram wall for your website or event is a fantastic way to bring branded Instagram content to life, and it helps you drive more traffic and engagement to your IG profile too. With Flockler, brands and organisations like GoPro, WWF, Harvard University, and Accor Hotels display Instagram walls on websites, apps, and digital screens with our unlimited Instagram feed widget. 

Instagram Wall on the Hapag-Lloyd Cruises website
Hapag-Lloyd Cruises shows an Instagram wall on their homepage with branded posts and UGC.

What is an Instagram wall?

According to Instagram, there are 200 million Instagram business accounts – a custom designed Instagram wall shows your branded content anywhere outside Instagram’s services.

And even if your brand doesn't have an Instagram presence yet, there’s likely consumer-generated content mentioning your brand and hashtag. As long as UGC posts are public, you can embed them on any website and digital screen without asking for permission.

An Instagram wall for your website and events can show:

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10 Instagram wall examples for websites and events

Are you looking for inspiration? Here are 10 examples of an Instagram wall from brands and organisations doing a stellar job on social media in the following industries.

Instagram wall for education

An Instagram Wall for education

Universities and schools are some of the most active Instagram users. In addition to the school marketing team, the branded hashtags are mentioned by research groups, alums, teachers and students.

Harvard University shows hashtag feeds on websites and live events like commencement ceremonies. An Instagram hashtag feed makes it easy for students and their loved ones to share the joy with others, and those messages get a high engagement on social media. They are a perfect example of social proof and help schools increase brand awareness.

Instagram wall for hospitality

Instagram Wall embedded on the Accor Hotels website

Accor Hotels has a portfolio of brands such as Ibis, Novotel, swissôtel, and more. For the travel & hospitality sector, showing Instagram feeds on websites and other digital services is a must-have feature.

A beautiful Instagram wall engages customers with stunning, live-updating images and videos on Accor Hotels' website and brand pages.

For more inspiration, learn how travel brands add social media feeds to their websites.

Instagram wall for sports

Instagram Wall for the Ripken Baseball website

One of the best ways of building engagement on social media? Share authentic images and videos highlighting your customers and community.

That’s what the Instagram wall on the Ripken Baseball website does really well. As one of the tournament and event organisers for junior league baseball, it’s important for Ripken to show how players enjoy the game in their events. The social proof posted on their Instagram feed is engaging and encouraging parents to find out more information about the Ripken experience.

Driving sales with social proof is one of the key benefits of Instagram feeds on a website.

Instagram wall for consumer brands

Instagram wall embedded on the GoPro’s website

If you visit online marketing conferences regularly, you will probably hear the name GoPro sooner or later. This is because they are regarded as one of the most innovative and customer-centric brands worldwide.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that their Instagram wall goes beyond the ordinary as well. On their website, the #GopProAwards campaign engages influencers and fans to share their own GoPro recording. The best entries are rewarded with prizes and shared on GoPro’s Instagram account.

Instagram wall for e-commerce

KTM Bikes website with an Instagram Wall

Are you a cycling or motorbike enthusiast?

If so, you’ve probably heard of KTM Bikes before. The Instagram wall on their homepage shows influencer marketing and hashtag campaign entries.

In addition to displaying social media feeds, e-commerce managers can tag their products to social media items and show shoppable Instagram feeds on websites.

Instagram wall for travel

Instagram Wall for travel destination Adelboden-Lenk

Adelboden-Lenk is one of the beautiful skiing destinations in Switzerland.

An Instagram wall for websites works particularly well if you engage your customers in creating content for you. So,to add to the beautiful stream on your website, your branded hashtag keeps travelling on social media, too.

That’s precisely what Adelboden-Lenk has decided to set up for their homepage. A curated feed of images from the slopes encourages website visitors to book their next skiing holiday.

For more inspiration, check 7 user-generated content campaign examples.

Instagram wall for retail

Instagram Wall embedded on Foxtrot Market’s website

Foxtrot Market is a convenience store online. Download their app and get groceries, burgers, and beverages delivered in 30 minutes.

Foxtrot has good stuff in store, and so does their Instagram wall, too. The carousel embedded on the footer of the homepage allows website visitors to browse their latest IG posts to the left and right.

Instagram wall for attractions

Instagram Wall for digital display and screen at the FIFA Museum

Social media walls for events and digital display are among the most obvious use cases for your Instagram wall.

FIFA Museum in Zürich, Switzerland, is one of the many Flockler customers displaying social media feeds on display screens and digital signage platforms. The slideshow of the latest Instagram images and videos welcomes the museum visitors and encourages them to share their experiences as visitors, too.

Instagram wall for artists and bands

Instagram Grid embedded on the Tyler Braden website

Tyler Braden, a country music singer-songwriter from Nashville, is one of the many artists and bands linking their Instagram profile to their website. The grid layout, with images opening up in a popup view, is a perfect example of how social media feeds can be embedded seamlessly on a website.

To find similar examples, learn how and why brands embed social media feeds on websites.

Instagram wall for nonprofits

Instagram Wall for a hashtag campaign by WWF

I’m sure WWF doesn’t require many introductions. But, as one of the renowned charities, their marketing team constantly finds ways to surprise and spark emotions in their target audience.

Their recent campaign promoted mental and physical well-being during the Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns. The campaign cleverly combined the rising trend of home yoga and animal rights. The Instagram wall for their yoga poses campaign shows how organisations can bring fun and joy to our lives and still get the message delivered simultaneously.

Learn how nonprofits use social media for fundraising to find more inspirational campaign ideas for your charity.

How to create an Instagram wall for your brand

It’s easy to embed Instagram feeds on any website or digital screen. Here’s a three-step guide on how to create an Instagram wall for your brand:

  1. Collect live Instagram feeds
  2. Design an Instagram wall
  3. Embed your Instagram wall anywhere

1. Collect live Instagram feeds

Start by signing up for a free trial with Flockler.

Then, select Instagram from available channels.

Selecting the social media channel on the Flockler app.
On the Flockler app, you can combine social media feeds from multiple channels and display all content in one place.

Next, choose if you’d like to display posts from a specific organisation, posts by a hashtag, or gather mentions of your Instagram profile.

Selecting the content type for the Instagram feed

Now, choose if you’d like to review all posts in advance or display them on your website automatically.

Instagram Wall moderation options on the Flockler app

In addition to Instagram, you can bring feeds from TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and more and create a social media wall for any website.

2. Design an Instagram wall

After collecting feeds, it’s time to design your Instagram wall. On Flockler, you can choose from four templates (wall, grid, carousel and slideshow) and create as many as you like.

Instagram wall templates

After choosing the layout, you can add your custom design. Click 'Edit style & settings' to show/hide elements and change colours. You can even add custom CSS, and our developers are happy to help (free of charge!).

Editing Instagram wall design

3. Embed your Instagram wall anywhere

The last step is to embed your Instagram wall on any website or digital screen. Copy and paste the embed code on any website HTML or use the layout’s link on a digital screen.

Here are step-by-step tutorials for the most common website builders and e-commerce sites:

Benefits of the Instagram wall for your brand

I’m sure your company’s social media goals include increasing engagement for Instagram posts and growing the follower count. The more popular your Instagram account, the more you can benefit from Instagram’s advertising tools as well.

Instagram wall supports those goals perfectly and helps you drive a new audience to your branded channels. In addition, the key benefits of the Instagram wall are:

  1. Increase time spent on site
  2. Add social proof and UGC
  3. Instagram wall for events builds engagement

1. Increase time spent on site

If you are responsible for the brand website, one of your key performance indicators is the time spent on the site. The longer you can keep the visitor engaged with your content, the more likely they will convert to a customer – or at least come back at another time.

Romantik Hotels is one of the many travel brands showing an Instagram feed on their website. The visual and dynamically updating content builds engagement and ensures the website always has the latest campaigns and offers on the homepage.

Instagram feed on a hotel website

2. Add social proof and UGC

Another clear benefit of the Instagram wall is to show social proof. With tools like Flockler, you can embed Instagram hashtag feeds on any page and show how customers enjoy using your products and services.

Social proof on the Worktop Express website is one of the fantastic examples of how to show Instagram wall on the homepage.


3. Instagram wall for events builds engagement

Once you’ve created an Instagram wall, you can display it anywhere. Your company probably maintains websites, apps, and digital screens, and with Flockler, you can create unlimited, custom design Instagram walls.

And when it’s time to organise an event, the Instagram wall is a must-have. A hashtag slider by Westover Hills Church shows a perfect example of how organisations can build engagement in events with the Instagram wall.

Instagram hashtag slider for events

With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

Flockler helps marketers like you to create social media feeds and display user-generated content on any digital service. Keep your audience engaged and drive sales.

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