15 Black Friday Promotion Ideas and Strategies for E-Commerce

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For e-commerce brands, Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) offers many different promotion ideas and strategies to capture the hearts and wallets of consumers. However, it takes more than slashing prices or offering fleeting deals to succeed. Brands are competitive, feverishly building connections to turn casual browsers into loyal customers and loyal customers into fans. 

Portrait of Dr Robert Cialdini. He is a well-known authority on influence.
Dr. Robert Cialdini (credit: Arizona State University)

One proven but frequently unknown road to success is combining your social media content with the Six Principles of Influence articulated by Dr. Robert Cialdini. These principles aren't merely theoretical but powerful levers of consumer psychology that, when applied, can boost engagement, AOV, purchase frequency, and conversions.

The best Black Friday promotions, sales strategies, and email examples you can find.

Here are the top ways to boost your Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or holiday sales with practical visual examples and how-to links.

  1. 🛍️ Combine discounts with experiences.
  2. 🎉 VIP customer celebrations
  3. 📅  Black November narratives
  4. 🐝 Social media buzz
  5. ✉️ Unique email content
  6. 🔥Boost engagement 3x-5x
  7. 🖼️ Exciting visual galleries
  8. 🤝 Collaborate with influencers
  9. 💬 Use customer testimonials
  10. ⏱️ Real-Time event highlights
  11. 🔄 Embedding social media feeds
  12. 🎥 Rich media showcase
  13. 👥 Community building
  14. 🌐 Real-world product applications
  15. 💼 Lifestyle integration
  1. 🛍️ Combine discounts with experiences.

Why it Matters: Deep discounts are a staple of Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) sales. They attract a swarm of bargain hunters and incentivize purchases among regular customers. However, you can avoid going over the red lines set by your deep discount strategy by using the concept of Reciprocity by sharing attractive and inspiring videos, reels, imagery, and authentic reviews to create an experience.

The principle of Reciprocity is at play here; customers feel obligated to purchase as they receive an experience in return. Sometimes, you can offer tremendous value to consumers by providing experiences via social media and minimizing the size of discounts in return.

Similarly, Scarcity, another key proven concept, kicks in as these discounts are for a limited time, urging customers to act swiftly. These deep discount showcases drive sales, amplify brand visibility, and foster customer loyalty during BFCM. Learn more about leveraging discounts and creating an experience with social media content.

During Black Friday sales combine discounts with experiences
  • Reciprocity & Scarcity: Like GoPro, you can use Flockler to create a platform where customers and influencers share their experiences with your products during BFCM, enhancing engagement and brand visibility.

  1. 🎉 VIP customer celebrations

Why it Matters: VIP customers are the backbone of any e-commerce business because of high purchase frequency and maximum average order value (AOV). Celebrating them during BFCM shows them you value them and is an opportunity to fortify your relationship.

The principle of Liking works because customers appreciate the recognition, and the concept of Consistency works by rewarding loyal customers, creating consistent brand behavior. Engaging VIP customers during BFCM elevates customer satisfaction and enhances brand advocacy. Read about the importance of celebrating VIP customers.

When Black Friday arrives use influencers
  • Liking & Consistency: Feyenoord harnessed Flockler to curate and display content from the team, players, and fans, transforming their website into a dynamic, engaging platform. Employ a similar strategy to celebrate your loyal customers like top soccer teams value their best fans and apply that to their BFCM experiences. The easiest way to do that is by embedding a video clip in a special one-off email to your VIPs. However, we offer more advanced ideas below.

  1. 📅 Black November narratives

Why it Matters: Extending special offers throughout November narrates a story of continuous value, setting a precedent for customer engagement. The principle of Commitment is activated as you entice customers to return for myriad deals. When enriched with user-generated content, this narrative creates a compelling brand story that drives sales and fosters a communal shopping experience, making BFCM more than just a one-off event. Discover the impact of extending Black Friday deals.

Think of your website or online store as a desirable location
  • Commitment: Engage your audience with a month-long narrative of exceptional deals, mirroring how France.fr inspired visitors to explore holiday destinations by showcasing user-generated content through Flockler. Your discount is not the only thing you need during BCFM. Think of your store as a desirable location where you take your visitor on a luxury tour.

  1. 🐝 Social media buzz

Why it Matters: In the digital age, social media is the best platform for creating a buzz, especially during intensive sales periods like BFCM. Through social media, brands can tease upcoming deals, engage with audiences in real time, and foster a sense of community.

The principle of Social Proof becomes essential in this context, where the actions and approvals of others influence prospective customers. A buzzing social media presence drives traffic and amplifies brand resonance, making it an indispensable strategy for BFCM's success. See how to get most out of social media buzz.

Create some social media buzz for BFCM
  • Social Proof: Sohome made their Instagram hashtag feeds shoppable and embedded them on their webshop with Flockler's shoppable UGC galleries that show their products, premium furniture, in action in real interiors. Ignite the social media sphere with shoppable feeds with Flockler, letting the world see the buzz surrounding your brand.

Shoppable social media feeds for BFCM

  1. ✉️ Unique email content

Why it Matters: During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it's time to focus on your customer-facing emails. Targeting your emails to the right crowds allows you to craft more effective messages to different customer segments. You hit the right chord amidst the BFCM rush.

The secret sauce here is Personalization. It’s akin to crafting a personalized conversation with each customer, tuning into their preferences. Customers who encounter messages that echo their likes are more inclined to dive in on the deals. This tailored approach doesn’t just spike up sales but also customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Black Friday email marketing - ensure you have unique content
  • Personalization: Here’s a neat tactic: finesse your email campaigns by tailoring them to different audience segments. You could integrate a unique social media feed into the email for each segment, curated by hashtags or other relevant criteria. Take a peek at how seamless it is to embed Instagram into your newsletter.

  1. 🔥Boost engagement 3x-5x

Why it Matters: Engagement is the name of the game in the online shopping world, especially when Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around. During BFCM, every brand is trying to grab the spotlight. Because of that, having great content is a must.

Use the concepts of Social Proof and Reciprocity. You create Social Proof when customers see others engaging with your brand. At the same time, Reciprocity comes into play as brands engage back, creating a vibrant and interactive shopping environment. Escalating engagement enriches the customer experience and augments brand loyalty and advocacy. Explore examples for increasing engagement.

Take social proof and reciprocity tips from the world's most desireable and unique locations
  • Social Proof & Reciprocity: Like New Zealand Ski, create a dynamic social media wall with Flockler, showcasing real-time updates and highlights from various channels. This approach amplifies your brand's social proof and encourages audience interaction, fostering a vibrant community around your brand.

  1. 🖼️ Exciting visual galleries

Why it Matters: Visuals have this knack for connecting with audiences, often striking a chord much more profound than words can. Dynamic visual galleries provide a visual narrative that underscores the value you bring. The principle of Liking is in full swing here, as you attract customers with visually appealing imagery. Then there’s Consistency, another key player, that shines through when you have an appealing look across all platforms, strengthening your brand identity. See the impact of visual content in e-commerce.

Add exciting visual galleries to increase sales during BFCM
  • Liking & Consistency: Take a page from Hapag-Lloyd Cruises' book. Their homepage features a stunning image gallery powered by Instagram photos, providing a visually rich narrative. With Flockler, you can create captivating galleries showcasing your products and services in real-world settings, evoking emotions and driving conversions.

  1. 🤝 Collaborate with influencers

Why it Matters: Teaming with influencers before BFCM can boost your brand's buzz; influencers wield a level of Authority — people tend to listen when they speak. Plus, the Liking factor is real, as audiences are likelier to engage with those they admire. Through influencer collaborations, e-commerce brands can authentically connect with broader audiences, drive traffic, and boost sales during BFCM. Learn more about influencer marketing in e-commerce.

Collaborate with influencers during Black Friday
  • Authority & Liking: Take Bayer 04 Leverkusen as an example. They collaborated with a notable player and saw a bump in brand awareness and engagement. With Flockler, integrating influencer content on your platforms is a breeze, creating an authentic bridge with your audience.

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  1. 💬 Use customer testimonials

Why it matters: Customer testimonials are like gold in social media. Especially during BFCM, a good word from past customers can nudge potential buyers in the right direction. Social Proof is in the spotlight here, showcasing the positive vibes from others and building trust. Testimonials bolster credibility and humanize your brand, showcasing the real value delivered to real people. Discover the power of customer testimonials.

Customer testimonials are great for increasing BFCM sales

  1. ⏱️ Real-Time event highlights

Why it matters: For consumers, BFCM is an experience and not only a sale. By creating real-time events, you add a sense of urgency and excitement. You play on the theme of Scarcity, reminding customers of the time-sensitive nature of offers. Meanwhile, you also get the benefits of Reciprocity during events as events and updates create an experience that people value. You increase customer engagement organic traffic, and boost sales during BFCM.

Black Friday live shopping example
  • Scarcity & Reciprocity: Show updates like live shopping happenings on your home page, landing pages, and even in your emails combined with shoppable Instagram feeds. The result? Increased traffic, first-time and repeat purchases from your existing channels with limited additional spending.

  1. 🔄 Embedding social media feeds

Why it matters: Your website isn't just a digital storefront—it's the face of your brand. And nothing says "we're alive and kicking" quite like a lively social media feed on your homepage. Especially when BFCM rolls around, having that real-time buzz from your social channels on display can amp up the energy. The beauty of it lies in the principles of Social Proof and Liking. When visitors see a flurry of interactions with your brand showcased beautifully through a live feed, it sparks a sense of belonging. They see others enjoying your products, and they're naturally drawn in. Discover the many different ways to add social media feeds to your website.

Embed social media for more success during Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Social Proof & Liking: Just like Lynott Jewellery, create a captivating social media feed on your website. By embedding an Instagram feed with Flockler, Lynott Jewellery established a digital bridge between their brand and customers, enriching the shopping experience with real stories and people.

  1. 🎥 Rich media showcase

Why it matters: Rich media, including images and videos, can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your site and product listings. During BFCM, a rich media showcase can provide a more comprehensive view of your products, helping customers make informed decisions. The principle of Liking is leveraged as visually appealing content is likely to attract and retain customer attention. A rich media showcase can enhance product visibility, boost engagement, and increase conversions during BFCM. See the many benefits of rich media in e-commerce.

Showcase rich media to inspire more purchases on BFCM
  • Liking & Consistency: Follow in the footsteps of Peter Dunham Textiles by enriching your website's visual appeal with Flockler. Peter Dunham Textiles utilized Flockler to seamlessly integrate Instagram feed onto their Shopify store, showcasing their products in real-world use, which helped boost media coverage and inspire potential customers.

  1. 👥 Community building

Why it matters: Building a community around your brand transforms one-time buyers into loyal customers. During BFCM, a strong community can primarily act as brand advocates, promoting your products and offers. Liking and Social Proof principles are fundamental here, as individuals are likelier to engage with brands they feel connected to and see others engaging with. Community building fosters loyalty and enhances the overall brand image and customer satisfaction. Explore the importance of community building in e-commerce.

Build a community for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales
  • Liking & Social Proof: Take a cue from Somerset Grill Company and use Flockler to encapsulate the vibrant community around your brand. By integrating Instagram video reels into their Shopify store, they invited customers into the grilling world, showcasing the lifestyle and community they'd be joining.

  1. 🌐 Real-world product applications

Why it matters: Illustrating how products fit into daily life can be a decisive factor for customers. You leverage the concept of Social Proof, where potential buyers see the tangible benefits reaped by others, and tap into the concept of Liking as they witness familiar, relatable scenarios.

When potential buyers see others enjoying our products, it’s a game-changer. You are saying: "Hey, look, real folks love this, and you will too." It smashes those doubts about whether to buy and gets that sales needle moving during the big sale days. Learn more about showcasing real-world product applications.

Show your products in real-life use for a sense of authencity
  • Social Proof & Liking: Just like UNDRDOG ATHLETIX, showcase the real-world application of your products through a dynamic Instagram feed on your site using Flockler. This approach shows potential customers the practical use of your products and provides a platform for influencers and loyal fans to feature on your store.

  1. 💼 Lifestyle integration

Why it matters: Weave some lifestyle vibes into your marketing, especially with BFCM on the horizon. Instead of just pushing products, you are selling a slice of life that resonates with your community. When they see bits of the lifestyle connected to your products, they want to be part of your story and naturally warm up to you.

When you keep hitting the same notes on those lifestyle themes, our customers start to see them as part of their tribe. Your customers hit that 'buy' button because it feels right. It's tapping into their lifestyle goals with a message that stands out from the daily content they're scrolling through. Explore the benefits of lifestyle integration in e-commerce marketing.

Use best practices of lifestyle marketing for ultimate success
  • Liking & Consistency: Like Shapeez, integrate lifestyle elements around your brand by showcasing related community experiences. Flockler enabled Shapeez to turn its Shopify store into a storytelling platform that immerses visitors in grilling.

What are the six principles of influence?

  • Reciprocity: Give to Receive. Offer exclusive deals, value-packed bundles, and memorable shopping experiences that leave your customers yearning to reciprocate – through purchases, referrals, and rave reviews.

  • Commitment and Consistency: Build Trust Over Time. Maintain a coherent brand narrative, uphold your promises, and exhibit Consistency in your offerings and interactions, cementing a trust that translates into sustained patronage.

  • Social Proof: Showcase the Crowd's Approval. Amplify the voices of satisfied customers, display real-time sales notifications, and harness user-generated content to exhibit social endorsement, bolstering your brand's credibility and desirability.

  • Authority: Establish Your Brand's Expertise. Share insightful blogs, industry analysis, and influencer endorsements to fortify your brand's Authority, instilling confidence and reverence among your audience.

  • Liking: Build a Loveable Brand. Foster a congenial brand persona, engage genuinely with your audience, and create content that resonates with their aspirations and values, nurturing a bond that transcends transactions.

  • Scarcity: Create an Aura of Exclusivity. Unveil limited-edition products, flash sales, and exclusive member-only deals that ignite a sense of urgency and exclusivity, driving impulsive and decisive purchases.

These principles help you understand and serve the inherent human tendencies influencing consumers during peak seasons.

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