How to embed an Instagram Slider Widget on WordPress and other websites

Instagram slider for the website

Thousands of brands show images, videos, and hashtag feeds on Instagram slider widgets, growing visibility and engagement for their businesses. The fierce competition for attention and Instagram’s algorithm limit the number of views but instead of pouring money into advertising to get more reach, it makes perfect sense to make use of all your available digital sevices and show custom branded Instagram feeds anywhere and everywhere.

And remember, inspiring Instagram content on websites and webshops increases time spent on site, shows social proof, and drives sales.

In this blog post, you will learn how to embed an Instagram slider widget on WordPress and any other website or digital service. To learn how to embed any type of social media in WordPress, click here.

How to add an Instagram Slider Widget to any website

Instagram slider example

In a few minutes and without technical expertise, you can create unlimited, custom branded sliders for your business. Here’s a three-step guide on how to embed Instagram slider widgets on any website:

  1. Gather brand posts and mentions, Instagram Stories, and hashtag feeds
  2. Choose & customize the Instagram slider widget’s design
  3. Show unlimited Instagram slider widgets on websites and other digital services

1. Gather brand posts and mentions, Instagram Stories, and hashtag feeds

The standard Instagram embed allows you to add any individual public image or video to your website but most brands are keen to show an auto-updating Instagram slider without manual work.

Also, you might ask customers to leave reviews or participate in user-generated content campaigns, meaning you need tools to curate and display entries.

So if you are looking for automation and sophisticated moderation tools for UGC galleries, start by signing up for Flockler’s 14-day free trial.

Then, select Instagram from the list of social channels and gather posts from any account, brand mentions, Instagram Stories, and hashtag feeds in one place.

Choosing a content source on the Flockler app

You can add multiple Instagram accounts and hashtag feeds and show their content together. Also, you don’t need any specific company's account access and login details to gather the content.

If you like, you can add auto-updating feeds from multiple social channels, too. Here’s the list of supported sources.

2. Choose & customize the Instagram slider widget’s design

After adding content sources, navigate to the 'Display' tab and click the 'Create a new layout' button. Then, select from the four options.

Choosing a layout for the Instagram slider on the Flockler app

If you want to show multiple posts in your horizontal Instagram feed, select the carousel layout. The Instagram carousel has arrows on the right and left for your website visitors to browse through the latest posts. Also, you can set the Instagram feed automatically to rotate the content to make your website feel vibrant and dynamic.

Sohome’s Instagram slider is a fantastic example. The shoppable UGC feed adds social proof and drives sales for the webshop.

Instagram slider widget on the website

If you’d like to show a single post slider on a WordPress page or any other website, the Instagram slideshow is your choice. Like the carousel, visitors can click the arrows to left and right, and you can set the slideshow to rotate automatically.

Instagram slider widget for WordPress and other websites

The slideshow layout is a fantastic option for your digital signage solutions, too.

Instagram slideshow for digital screens

You can change colours, hide elements, select the number of posts, and more from the layout's settings. Also, the custom CSS option allows you to add a fully bespoke design to your Instagram slider widget.

In addition to sliders, Instagram wall and grid layouts are fantastic options for your social feed.

Harvard University’s social wall shows Instagram posts and tweets from happy students celebrating graduation.

A social wall embedded on a website

Opus Art Supplies’ Instagram grid is an inspiring virtual art gallery powered by their customers.

Instagram grid on a website

With Flockler, you can create unlimited sliders and other layouts and show them on any website and digital service. Create a unique version for each service and page – you don’t pay anything extra.

3. Show unlimited Instagram slider widgets on websites and other digital services

Instagram slider embedded on a website

Once you’ve selected the right design, Flockler gives you an Instagram slider HTML that you can add to websites and other digital platforms.

You shouldn’t need any developer skills and it’s easy to embed Instagram feeds on any website – here are tutorials for the most common website builders:

If your company is not using any of those website builders and you need help with the Instagram slider integration, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer success team.

Why brands choose Flockler’s Instagram slider widget

Unlimited slider widgets and views

Unlike our competitors, we don’t limit the number of sliders and other custom branded layouts you create for your business and embed on WordPress, and other websites, apps, and digital displays. The more page views you generate, the happier we are.

Responsive, custom design

All Instagram sliders automatically fit the screen size and area on your website. You can add your brand colours and make changes to elements without technical skills. If needed, you can ask Flockler’s customer success team or your developers to add custom CSS for anything truly bespoke.

Adding custom colours to the Instagram slider

Easy to manage multiple accounts and hashtag feeds

With Flockler’s Instagram slider widget, you don’t need login details of any specific business to show account and hashtag feeds. For example, if you are a developer or work for an agency, you can set up feeds without your client's involvement. See a one-minute video on how to gather Instagram posts from any business.

Combine multiple channels

In addition to Instagram feeds, Flockler’s slider widget supports TikTok, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, Pinterest, and more. You can mix sources together and show all content in one place. See the list of supported sources.

Instagram slider on a website

Advanced moderation tools

If you are looking to organise a hashtag contest or gather reviews from your customers‚ Flockler’s UGC platform has sophisticated moderation tools for you. You can decide to review all posts in advance or block unwanted keywords and users. You are in full control of what shows up on your website.

Official Instagram API

We only use the official Instagram API and partner with social media channels. Brands like Metallica, GoPro, IKEA, Harvard University, and many more trust us to follow the latest guidelines and terms.

Support access via chat & email

Flockler’s Instagram slider widget is straightforward to set up. However, our customer success team is happy to help on live chat and email with any questions you (and your boss) might have.

GDPR covered

Especially in Europe, data privacy is a hot topic right now. Flockler is based in the EU, and we get the GDPR. We have a DPA available for both sides to sign and we are transparent on how we store and process the data.

Why do brands add Instagram slider widgets to websites?

🔥 Inspiring content for any website, effortlessly

A lot of sweat goes into creating Instagram posts, videos, and Stories. With the Instagram slider plugin for WordPress and easy integration to any other website, you can show your latest content anywhere and everywhere without any manual work.

⬆️ Increase time spent on site

A live-updating Instagram feed on websites and webshops increases time spent on time. Only a tiny portion of your website visitors follow you today, and the custom branded Instagram feed will naturally increase your follower count.

⭐️ Show social proof

Your customers already mention your brand and your branded hashtag. Why wouldn’t you make your website social proof and show consumer-generated content? We trust friend recommendations and customer reviews far more than branded content.

💰 Drive sales

If you are running a webshop, making your Instagram and UGC feeds shoppable is a must these days. Authentic UGC galleries and related products drive sales like no other marketing tactic.

With Flockler, you can gather and display social media feeds from your favourite channels. See the full list of supported content types and sources

Flockler helps marketers like you to create social media feeds and display user-generated content on any digital service. Keep your audience engaged and drive sales.

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